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Multitask vs Indecisive

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Multitask. People see this talent very useful in daily life. Some people born with it, some learn it, and some others earn it.

Some say that people multitask because they need 36-hour per day, but God only give 24-hour each. Equal for everyone. But I say people multitask because they cannot make their 36-hour fit 24 hours. Multi-taskers are indecisive! Well, excuse me for being judgmental, but at least that what is happening to me. I just cannot choose which one I should do first and which one that I can postpone. Rather than being troubled, I choose to multitask. Clever eh?

Not really.

Now, what will a multi-tasker do if she cannot multitask again. I mean, we can do several things at the same time, but we cannot be at two places at the same time, right? So, all that’s left  is to DECIDE.


Here is when the indecisiveness becomes a major role.


See? even to write something to continue this writing after the “D” word take me some time… what an indecisive multi tasker!!

Written by Vallaura

June 26, 2009 at 1:50 PM

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