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How low will you go?

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when it comes to your great crush, how low will you  go?

few years back from 2009, i was considering telling my feeling to the one whom i had a great crush. at that time, i put a lot of thought since i was purely Asian girl who had not yet being contaminated by western perspective. Yes, we, Asian girl, value woman equality towards men, but still in this particular area, we strongly held traditional value.

one of my best friends, this very day, did what few years ago i didn’t do. She told him her feeling. yesterday she said to me that, she will do something that i had no guts to do.

really? did i have no guts to do that?

because sometimes, through conversation with other Ladies 🙂 i got implicit message that doing direct approach as telling him our feeling is some silly action. i mean, if we really already sure that he didn’t share the same feeling, why should we tell him our feeling. isn’t it a suicide of our pride and dignity?

the man said no.

how expensive it is to pay off our feminine curiosity.

how low we are willing to put our pride and being in front of him.

will you do the same? should i do the same?

how long should i go? how low will you go?


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June 29, 2009 at 2:30 PM

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