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too fast and too furious

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No. I am not going to talk about the movie. This is about me and what just had happened to me. Sounds boring? hahaha…tell me about that.

On July 8th, i got an email confirming that my research paper is accepted to be presented in TEFL National Conference in Yogyakarta at the end of this month. I felt happy, excited, challenged at the same time dizzy, frustrated, confused and hopeless…

it seems that my world, really runs in a light speed. I feel that i always left behind. No matter how hard i try to cope and adjust with the pace, i still always left behind.

My world, it is just too damn fast for me. i was trying to get a grip with my new job, and as i feel i am getting tighter in holding this new job, i got another challenge. man, too fast. and if i may say, too furious too..

why did i mention furious, because it’s not a mere thing that distract me. it is a very major, important and big thing. This is actually my first time being presenter at a National Conference. Yes, i once was thinking to be Mam Riris’ assistant when she had a conference in Bali. But that was because i wanna see Bali, not because i wanna be her pure 100% assistant. and now i have to be the presenter all by myself. isn’t it chaotic?


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July 12, 2009 at 2:25 PM

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