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(i have zillions thing to write, let’s start with the most recent one)

this girl just had a movie. some say, it’s a movie with a good concept. it turned out to be a very drama (not dramatic) film. she can’t even figure out “the good concept” that were talked about.

Let say, the film pointed out that there’s no specific rules when we talk about relationship. There are millions people with different characteristics of life that you definitely cannot compare to each other. Let’s elaborate more to find which concept that i’m in.

First, this Anna girl. She is said as a woman who just cannot live without a man. L-O-V-E is probably the most insignificant word in her life. well, i’m not her. for me love is a real thing, yep, even though i haven’t see it coming. but, it’s great to have physical appearance like Anna, she is hot.

Second, this Gigi girl. She’s so sweet and cute. Always seek for her love. She did the wrong think, but she doesn’t care (eventually). i mean, people learn from mistakes, right? i totally agree with some of her opinion. However, she did a bit clumsy in picking out the boys. She has jerk all over her apt. hmmm…i’m not like her either. I can be very easily to give up in pursuing love. totally different from Gigi. But, should i consider following her concept? she has lovely ending with Alex. and Alex is cute.

Third, Mary. She is a typical these-days girl. skyping, facebooking, myspacing, and everything. She kinda cyber stalker in some ways. she gets emails, texts, inboxes and everything only to see that they are uncountable for love. one of my friend is the opposite with her. i mean she is lucky to find a great guy in the cyber world. but not Mary. However, once she forgets all this imaginary life, and she tries to see who’s around. she finds that surrounding is not bad after all.hmmm…i have some personality that’s similar with Mary. but, i am not going to find my soulmate using my laptop. I do change my hairstyle not my profile. ha!

Fourth, Janine (if i’m not mistaken). She’s the strong personality and strict kinda girl. She knows what she wants. She tries to pursue what she wants, and sometimes she gets it. Damn. Ben is my dream man. He’s such a hottie…Janine is most likely me. but i’m not that strong. but i’m hoping to have Ben as mu husband.hehe…

Fifth, Jenn Aniston, i cant recall her character’s name. She is living together with this guy for 7 years. always holding her desire to get marry bcoz the man refuse to it. they had a break up to finally marry each other. …her story, is what a girl always wants. live happily ever after. i’m not like her, but definitely i want a story like her..

….hmmm…so which one is me? Janine? the only character who end up miserably. ugh.hes-just-not-that-into-you-


Written by vallaura

October 3, 2009 at 3:34 AM

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