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Lately i have been thinking about life. kinda heavy topic, eh? what trigger me, was, the fact that some people really live in an enjoyable life. They have all what earthlings desire. For say, this woman, always wants to have a small family without any financial problems, education or whatsoever. and she has the exact kinda life. She might not have Black Berry Jevelin or unlimited access to the internet or a fancy job. But what’s matter most is that what she always wants, she has it.

Another example. This man, he might be single and far from being the stereotype kinda guy but he has a life full of extraordinary experiences. He went to this European country, back to his hometown, flew again to South America, celebrates Hari Raya in his nation…and so on. what a life.

An enjoyable life, is it ok?

i know..i know.. some people might frown reading this and say what’s wrong for having a great life you jealous girl? but you see, i mean, try to see from my point of view, some people say, from certain religious perspective, that we are not coming from this world. we are foreigner in this world. therefore, we should not be enjoying living in here, in this world. (did i say it correctly?) let me try to put it this way. in some level, the tendency, people become in love with this world. they just try to do whatever to keep living in this world. they have remarkable life that if there’s an offer come to them, they prefer living in this world. they live 24/7 just to be able to enjoy this world. they wake up early in the morning, work until late at night, spend extra hours to get promotion, go somewhere fascinating during the weekend, party with friends, hang out here and there, and go on and on and on…in love with the world.

grasp it.redwood_tree_rings200w

the second one. there’s this bunch of people who hate living in this world so much. let’s skip suicide. these people, seriously, longing the time to come where this life can be ended. they might have the fanciest job on earth. they probably have a great family or even abundant savings. but somehow, they only have interest in nothing. similar with this, are people who just live their lives. they go to college, get a job, get married, get pregnant, have family, buy house, buy car, save some money, go for holiday, work harder, cheat, make up, go for second honeymoon, get another baby, buy bigger house, win a trip to Iceland, and on..and on…and on…

ya..ya..maybe i am just jealous. maybe i am a thinker. or maybe i am just a girl who is not satisfied with her life but has no power to do anything about it. lame. ha!redwoods_Canopy_wide


Written by vallaura

October 7, 2009 at 7:05 AM

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