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I do not reply emails anymore

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It was simply because I wasn’t invited.
It was simply because I cannot understand why she became so vulnerable when it comes living in Jakarta.
Yup. It was started all from simple things that now became big things for me. Or was I too sensitive?

I said to myself, I have to manage living without them. I have to be strong to face everything without them. Again, this experience proved me that the more you got close to someone the more friction you might have.

I don’t wanna any friction. so it’s better for me to set some spaces.

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January 27, 2010 at 8:19 AM

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Movie Nite!

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I just had a movie nite last Saturday. It was filled with great friends but lack of good movie. yeah… this is one of the drawback of being a movie freak. I never read any film/movie review. If I wanna go for a movie, then I just go for one.

However, I cannot avoid to like one of the scene in this movie. It’s about a boy who is dumped by his girlfriend right before the prom nite. He got a help from a pharmacist that he knew, by letting him to take his daughter out to the prom. Rise with hopes, he went to pick up the girl who is using wheelchair. Afraid letting down the pharmacist feeling, he went anyway to the prom nite with the handicapped girl. It was a very awful prom nite for the boy, until the girl asked him to take her to the park (Central Park, perhaps?). And they made love there…in a very intriguing way in making love. He took the girl back to her house (the pharmacist house) in the next morning. In front of their house, when the pharmacist was talking to the boy, the handicapped girl stood up and walked in the house. It turned out that she is an actress (Broadway, perhaps?) who is practicing to be a girl in a wheelchair.

I burst in laughter at that time, and also in joy. Yes, sometimes, what we think is best can turn to be worst but eventually bring all the goodness for us. We just have to have faith. And everything will be bearable.

New York, I Love You.

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January 24, 2010 at 12:18 PM

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A dream.

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I had a dream. A dream of him. Not the kinda dream I wish I had. I woke up in horror, knowing that I am still in love with him. It was a day, when I became a zombie. I can’t believe with my self. It was as if I was betrayed by my self.

[talking to myself]
How could you do this to me, consciousness? We did everything to erase him from our life. We agreed to stop anything that might trigger, even the simplest, conversation with him. No Text messages. No emails. No YM. No Gtalk. No FB. No Myspace. No Twitter. No blogs. Nothing. How..on earth, he popped out in a dream out of the blue? I was hurt. It hurt me. How could you do this to us?

Then, this other guy whom I avoid successfully for some time, I YM him, and he mentioned him. DANG! What is wrong with me, with us. Seriously, is there some writings on my forehead or something saying that I love that guy?

We have to do something. We know, you know, that love is never meant for us. Let’s just try to think how to kill him from our life for good. yada-yada…stop the tears, we are not that lucky. We are not for love. We are not to be loved. So save our tears for something more beneficial.

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January 22, 2010 at 4:59 PM

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Last Birthday

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I am sure that you have no idea how geeky I am. What’s worse is I am geeky enough to know that I am one geeky person.

I spent my last birthday in Singapore, staying at my friend’s apartment. It was my first visit to Singapore, or to anywhere outside Indonesia.

The Handerson Wave

I love the last day most, simply because I was alone and I can be my self without worrying anything. My best friend who accompanied me there won’t be very happy reading this but, she not a reader, so I am safe!

Being alone for the first time in other people’s country is extremely exciting, very, if I may put it that way, even to an adrenaline freak like me. I am now a hundred percent sure that I am stupid, lack of organization, and introvert. Among exciting places around Singapore, the haven of shopaholic-they named themselves-I went to SBG. Yep, It was Singapore Botanical Garden, and I took pictures of trees, grass and wildlife. LOL. But seriously, by doing it, I felt more peace, rather than busily taking fake giant trees pictures along Orchard Rd.

Yet, I never had the opportunity to say thank you to God, who let me experience this kinda journey. So, here I am, saying thank you. By the way, the complete sets of photograph can be seen in my Facebook. And I am saying this because everyone cares enough to read my blog and bother himself enough to check my Facebook.

Orchard Road

Anyway, this runaway holiday is worth the money. You should try to have one too. Especially, if you are like me, a person who thinks that on birthdays, people turn to be hypocrite and pretend that they know me so much that they try everything they can to say simply three words: Happy Birthday, GBU. So, fake.

Enough talking negative things, now shall we say:
If we don’t treat ourselves right, then who will?
If we don’t appreciate our being, who will?
If we don’t take ourselves into holiday, who will?

Enjoy your every moment of your birthday!

Written by Vallaura

January 22, 2010 at 4:24 PM

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