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A dream.

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I had a dream. A dream of him. Not the kinda dream I wish I had. I woke up in horror, knowing that I am still in love with him. It was a day, when I became a zombie. I can’t believe with my self. It was as if I was betrayed by my self.

[talking to myself]
How could you do this to me, consciousness? We did everything to erase him from our life. We agreed to stop anything that might trigger, even the simplest, conversation with him. No Text messages. No emails. No YM. No Gtalk. No FB. No Myspace. No Twitter. No blogs. Nothing. How..on earth, he popped out in a dream out of the blue? I was hurt. It hurt me. How could you do this to us?

Then, this other guy whom I avoid successfully for some time, I YM him, and he mentioned him. DANG! What is wrong with me, with us. Seriously, is there some writings on my forehead or something saying that I love that guy?

We have to do something. We know, you know, that love is never meant for us. Let’s just try to think how to kill him from our life for good. yada-yada…stop the tears, we are not that lucky. We are not for love. We are not to be loved. So save our tears for something more beneficial.


Written by vallaura

January 22, 2010 at 4:59 PM

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