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We can manage.

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I was reading this article. A month divider article from my daily devotional book, Our Daily Journey. When the writer-Chuck Fridsma-quoted 2 Corinthians 4:7-10, I had, like, oh ya..these verses again, yeah..sure..well, that kinda thought. But suddenly, I remember my old friend, Race Rainville also quoted one of these verses for his email signature line. Very Christian,eh? Well,tell me about it ;p noticing that fact, I, by instinct, reread the quoted verses and on my astonishment, I realized something important, which I am pretty sure, I should have known this.

Let me show you. It is written ” We are pressed on every side by troubles but we are not crushed.” Until couple minutes ago, I always focus on “We are not crushed”. I kept on telling my self that I am not gonna be crushed. I’ll be okay. But hey, read again, we are not crushed when we are pressed on every side by troubles. So, we are pressed on every side by troubles! It was saying that pressed on every side by troubles is not happening and centering on you, solely you. Everybody has this experience. The perfect Indonesian famous quote on thi is “Jangan lebay, Len!” LOL.

So, if we continue to look at the verses this way, we will have:
1. We are pressed on every side by troubles.
2. We are perplexed.
3. We are hunted down.
4. We get knocked down.

Realizing this condition is not bringing a brighter smile on my face. Geez, hunted down and knocked down. What can be worst than that? We are really got knocked down. Down. This thought suddenly makes my everyday misery gone. Seriously, if you are not down yet, be ready, coz u are gonna knocked down! But if you’re down now…there’s the second part of the verses that’s a bit relieving. It is written:
1. We are not crushed.
2. We are not driven to despair.
3. We are never abandoned by God.
4. We are not destroyed.

A 3 letter word: WOW!
Notice number 3, we are NEVER ABANDONED by GOD. I think, that should do it. That should be the line. What ever happened or will happen or is happening…no matter how painful, crushing, tearing down they are…however huge, gigantic and uncomprehendable they are…we are with God, we can manage. We are never abandoned by God.

Chin up!

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February 2, 2010 at 4:05 AM

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