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Flowers and branches

Do you know what Bokeh is?

In Photography, Bokeh is well known for a blur photograph. In beautiful words, they said “the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of image. Check this out for more detailed explanation! It’s not really easy to get a Bokeh photograph. You have to focus on an object and really focus on it (press the tulip sign, for micro shoot) and you get a really-really-really focused shot where the object is clear and the background became blurred.

I tried doing this with a standard camera. A borrowed pocket camera of my brother, that is Canon Power Shot A460 with 5.0 megapixels. It’s not really working. As in, it works a bit, but not really as what I expect it to give. They said that i should get a long lens camera, the DSLR or SLR or the expensive one. Yeah… Price is matter here. Here are some of my shoots. Nice for a standard camera, eh?

Asparagus leaves

Anyway, with a help from friend, from his sayings, I should better have more practice before investing in such an expensive thing. 😉

Anyway again, what’s interesting is that the idea on focusing to one object is really against my nature. we should, in my opinion, take a few steps back and look everything in a larger context, community, and see it as a whole. Where nothing will be significant without significant background.

Lonely Orchid

So what’s the use of being beautiful without any contextual meaning. A focus to an object teaches us to focus to a very small part of a multitude that God has given us (it).

On different context, if we are lucky enough, practicing these Bokeh thingy, teaches us to be alert on the strength of others (objects). We became very specific and detailed. And it’s great! You know, today, when i rode around the Depok flyover, where the sky is filled with black clouds. I felt I was flying to those clouds. And while riding, I glanced to my right, and there a line of street lamps. Standing in rows without fearing the dark black clouds. Those was perfect view. The combination of white streets lamp rising high reaching to contrast the dark black sky. The contrast of Black and White (white pressing BW button) in an essence of arrogant and power (my wild imagination). Unfortunately, I was like riding like crazy to avoid the coming rain that I didn’t take any shoot. uh…maybe next time.

Anyway (the last one), this is all just my thoughts. Enjoy yours 🙂

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February 8, 2010 at 3:27 PM

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