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. What will you do if you love a man and he does not love you back?
: What will you do if you try to forget the man you love, but somehow, you just can’t let him out of your mind?
:. What will you do if the man you love asked you to be his friend, his sister?
:: What will you do if he ask for your blessings for his big day?
::. How would say, if you have the chance to whisper in his ears at his big days?

Answers: mine
. I never choose to love him. Love chose me to love him. So, I will just respect his feeling and respect my feeling.
: I will just try to survive living with it. It’s not an ideal state, but hey, I never choose to be in this state. Let me be…like I let it be..
:. As it’s easier to get an enemy than a friend, so I will definitely said yes. Having an additional brother always come in handy.
:: It’s better to bless than to curse. I bless you, brother.
::. The last Q. Let the answers be his and mine solely.

Now, it’s your turn.
What are your answer to the questions above?
I pray that if you are strong enough you will finally experience that Cinta tidak harus memiliki, but if you are not, I sincerely hope that you can have a wonderful love story far from the bitterness of the four letter word, L-O-V-E.

Enjoy the LOVE, whatever it looks like.

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March 8, 2010 at 1:28 PM

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MRT experience

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//on my very short period between piled works//

I am not really the perfect person to write about MRT Experience, since I only took it while my very short visit to Singapore last November.

Our first sight was right after we finished everything with the airport people. We headed down to the MRT subway station. But prior to it, I met another short version of MRT that linked terminal 1 to terminal 2 at the airport. I am not sure whether they called MRT. I think they named it shuttle train. But they looked like one. oh well, you’ll meet them when you visit Singapore.

So, at the lower level of Changi International Airport, there it was the MRT station. My friend, Leony, lent me her E-ZY Link card. I topped up the credit for S$10, and entered the gate to wait for the train. The gate operated similar to Transjakarta gate. You just need to tap the card to the card reader on the gate, then you can freely enter the waiting lobby. The waiting room is spacious and clean. The lighting is not very bright but enough to see people clearly. There’s announcement board showing us the minutes of the next train and when the train is going to approach the station.

The MRT was full with passengers. They are simply similar with AC Ekonomi train in Jakarta area. What made them a bit different was the fact that most of the subway station stood beneath malls. So when you go up out of the station, you will most likely end up inside malls around Singapore. Sometimes I think it is nice. I don’t have to walk to get into the mall. But some other time, it is frustrating. I don’t like malls THAT much, really.

So, I wasn’t that impressed by MRT. We can have this kinda mass mode of transportation in Jakarta. I am pretty sure, the number of people of the country impact a lot. So, it will surely took some time for our country to apply this kinda mode. But gradually, we can have this in our beloved country.

My role, as an educator in this program is creating a discipline young people, so they can follow the rules well. 😉 hehe..

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March 8, 2010 at 4:55 AM

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