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. What will you do if you love a man and he does not love you back?
: What will you do if you try to forget the man you love, but somehow, you just can’t let him out of your mind?
:. What will you do if the man you love asked you to be his friend, his sister?
:: What will you do if he ask for your blessings for his big day?
::. How would say, if you have the chance to whisper in his ears at his big days?

Answers: mine
. I never choose to love him. Love chose me to love him. So, I will just respect his feeling and respect my feeling.
: I will just try to survive living with it. It’s not an ideal state, but hey, I never choose to be in this state. Let me be…like I let it be..
:. As it’s easier to get an enemy than a friend, so I will definitely said yes. Having an additional brother always come in handy.
:: It’s better to bless than to curse. I bless you, brother.
::. The last Q. Let the answers be his and mine solely.

Now, it’s your turn.
What are your answer to the questions above?
I pray that if you are strong enough you will finally experience that Cinta tidak harus memiliki, but if you are not, I sincerely hope that you can have a wonderful love story far from the bitterness of the four letter word, L-O-V-E.

Enjoy the LOVE, whatever it looks like.


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March 8, 2010 at 1:28 PM

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