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Tears are words from the heart that cant be spoken #WLQ

Some tears are generated from a heart full of wrath. Have you ever experience it? When sometime push your button. Just with a soft touch, you are filled with anger that you don’t know whether you can control it or not. I had this kinda tears just now. A text message pushed my button. Your head became so light that you cannot feel it. What you can sense was just words of curse and disappointment. They were on my lips. That’s the reason, why I shut my mouth when I got angry. You will see the words clearly, you will want to say them aloud. You know exactly that saying them will release some anger and at the same time hit you back with guilty and shame. I didn’t say it. But I am not proud of it. Why? Because I was shaking..and I was waiting until it will come out out of control. And all those unspoken words transformed and rolled down on my cheeks. Lucky me, a friend of mine buzzed me up. To him, I told everything with typed words, and it calmed me down. If you read this, thanks! You are really one of a kind.

Laughing Out Loud

Another tears came from a joyful heart. Mine are usually generated when I was having some crazy time with friends. I can remember clearly, when me and my friend went to some places and laugh a lot that we burst into joyful tears. Once, I laughed about espresso with my friend, Fany. Was it because her name rhyme with funny that made the espresso so funny. hehe…I was literally Laughing My Ass Off…haha..oh, I will never forget those moments. 😀 you can check the photos here

Other tears born out of sadness and sorrow. Yup, they came out of broken hearts. Most of my tears are this kinda type. And it’s not easy to remember, as it is not easy to let them go by. But I still can recall how I rolled on my bed trying to overcome the hollowness of my soul. The aching pain that burnt heart made me numb. Nothing came out, nothing said, only tears…filled the two holes of heart, the eyes. I guessed it was an extraordinary feeling. You know, being in love and hurt. A tweet that I follow said RT @worldlifequotes: Dear brain, I know he’s all u think about but I think we need to move on #WLQ. Oh well, one can only wish…

Whatever your tears were or are…remember, they made us feel alive.

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March 19, 2010 at 8:29 PM

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