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Listen to this song, here

This is an Indonesian song that I currently like. The title “bohong” is an Indonesian word for “lie”. Shortly, the song describe a man who was left by his girlfriend. To free his girlfriend from guilty feeling, he lied to her. He told her that he can understand why she left him, and it was okay for him to be left like this. That he shared his joyful tears for her (check out my TEARS).

But in some parts of this song, he helplessly told her that if he could, he actually want to prevent her from leaving him. That he might lost his mind without her presence, simply because he is too in love with her. How every day, he adores her, worships her and spoils her. He admitted that he built dreams with her and all of those dreams are now gone. Gone, when he realized that she was gone…

Why do I like this song? Well, I am a very melancholic person. I felt the emotion in this song, and so I like it. But I really hope and pray that this story never happen to me…

Oh well, one can only wish…

Project Pop

“dengarlah sayangku. janganlah kau bersedih lagi. aku bisa mengerti mengapa. kau memilih tuk tinggalkanku. dan pergi dengannya.

jujurmu padaku. sudah cukup bukti padaku. kini ku bisa cari pacar. yang sudah antri menungguku. sedari dulu.

sesungguhnya hatiku. ingin menahanmu. kamu jangan pergi. kamu jangan pergi. sesungguhnya jiwaku bisa gila
jika hidup tanpamu. aku terlalu mencintaimu.

pergilah sayangku. janganlah menoleh padaku. aku hanya menangis bahagia. ku tak mau kau melihat air. mataku.

tidakkah kau sadari. dari hari ke hari. ku memujamu, memanjakanmu. dengan sepenuh hati. tetapi yang terjadi
hancurlah mimpi-mimpi. ku dapati dirimu tlah pergi.

aku terlalu mencintaimu. aku terlalu mencintaimu. aku terlalu mencintaimu.”

Some love are indeed too much to be kept.

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March 20, 2010 at 12:37 AM

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