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His Mind, Her Mind

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His Mind, Her Mind (My version)

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’ll let you know, I am twisted person, mostly with a twisted mind. In most parts, I let the mind wandering around until it meets its true identity and definition. Some actually find their rests. Some evaporate. Some turn into talks. This one is about the talk.

I was actually restless, in term of mind not physic, at that time when an invisible person showed up. He’s a man of manner that he greeted me before he started to talk (or write). So, along our talks, I tried to weigh my trust to him, and scale how valuable his opinion is that I might consider his thought to give some definition to my mind. While thinking, he popped out a quite personal question. And for a man who dares to ask me how many serious relationship I ever had, I think he deserves some writing..well, I hope you don’t mind, that I put down in words… 🙂

The question is simple. Is it really true that when a man decided to be friend with a woman. He will never see this woman differently, as a lover, for example? For his additional information, I explained to him that I had this friend of mine talked with a guy that I used to love (or like?). He said that whenever he sees this woman as a friend. Then, it will stay that way for the rest of the journey. The friendship will never change into relationship. Radically, if you fell in love your male best friend, in essence he said that you betrayed that friendship. Is it true, hey guys?

To my surprise, this friend that I was chatting with encountered my idea. He said defensively (if I may say). Didn’t girls do that? Didn’t all girls who are being friends with men, will never consider their male friends in a romantic relationship? Well… that shut my mouth up. I never prepare myself for this kinda response. So, plainly, I asked: Really? Did we, girls, do that? Enthusiastically, he shared (maybe out of his personal experience, eh? ;p), yes, whenever a girl is being friend with a male friend, and this male friend tells her that he loves or likes her, the girl will say that she has no intention whatsoever in having relationship more than being friends to each other. Ouch, I typed. I sure hope that words didn’t come out of personal experiences. hehe… Unable to explain, out of lack in experiences, I tried to distract him by asking other question. Clever me, eh?

Then I asked. Won’t you consider it as a betrayal of friendship? You know, being in love with your own best friend? And he answered. Wouldn’t be easier that way? A man will be much happier if she’s his best friend. In a local idiom, we called it as “Sambil menyelam minum air” or in English…errr… (anyone can help me on this?) Then he continued, well, as long as he likes or loves her of course. But if he didn’t. He will only say, what you said earlier, that he doesn’t have any intention whatsoever in having relationship more that friends. Addressing it as a betrayal of relationship is too much. You are exaggerating it.

Okay, so the score is 1-1. One for saying it No. The other one for saying it Yes. And this talk is not getting my mind calmer, instead it makes my mind goes wilder. And I guessed, I had successfully made him confused. If he can get confused (but I know you are not confused). So we ended our talk with a simple statement which we weren’t sure whether it’s the answer or the pause. That is, whether you are his friend, his stranger, or his neighbor…those things aren’t counted. What counted is whether he likes or loves you or not. Simple.

Hmmffthh…so much for a long talk. Well, do any of you want to change the score? Share your thoughts, and enrich us please… 🙂

Written by Vallaura

March 22, 2010 at 10:09 PM

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