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Gemini 8520

I finally bought one.

It is simply because I am a very social person. Nope, I didn’t buy it so I can easily access my twitter or facebook account. Not that kinda social, I meant a really social person. Three most important people in my life will be very accessible if I have this device, my older sister and my two sisters in Christ. As I figure it out, we are now well connected.

I like it when my sister shared her life and problems with me through BlackBerry messenger (BBM). The absent of cost made her expressive in telling me, almost, everything, her oldest daughter, her husband, her works, and her dreams. Our mother had passed away on 1999, and since then we, the girls, only had each other. But the age barrier between us were so huge that I cannot reach her. So when, I have the opportunity, I take it. I might not able to say something meaningful to her (what do I know about raising a kid compared to a mother with four children). Uniquely, she helped me to get this BB (for short). I was so surprised my self. She is a business woman, she counts EVERYthing. So when she helped me, I was thinking, that she really need to connect with someone she can tell everything to.

Since I own this black device. The communication between me and my two sisters in Christ is limitless. We can just type and check for replies whenever we are available. This BB thingie is very helpful indeed! Especially if you have super duper busy young on top sisters 🙂 It’s so sweet when at lunch, we BBM each other…”have a great lunch, friends.” It’s a very sweet thing…

Just don’t forget to turn it into silent mode whenever you are not available. And don’t let yourself owned by the BB. Because you own it, not the other way around. Focus to the positive impacts and don’t let yourself be outsmarted by the smart phone.

Enjoy BBM-ing. Add me! 🙂

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April 20, 2010 at 8:58 PM

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