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My Name Is Khan

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My name is Khan-a movie

The last thing on my mind before watching this movie is to write something about it. My name is Khan is a movie played around theaters in Jakarta today. It is my very last choice of movie. So this evening when a friend of mine asked me to go to the movie, I reluctantly choose this movie.

If you were like me, you will have no expectation at all of this movie. Opened with a very Indian music, you can only prepare yourself to see dancing scenes between the trees. It turned out to be something extraordinarily different. I was shocked to see Indian movie stars acted THAT good.

Tears were starting to swelling on my eyes when Shah Rukh Khan said about a different condition that he suffers. Boy, if i had knew before, I would never dared myself to sit and watch this movie. I have some soft spots and this is one of them.

True, I spent the rest of 2.5 hours (approx) crying. Thinking how lucky I am having all of these in my live and how unlucky I am failed to see all these that I have given by God. I reflex and ponder and when the movie ended i decided to be a better person.

Did you know that this was actually drafted on April 08, 2010? quite sometime to write, eh? I cannot remember the details of this movie. you can just google it. One thing i want you to know is that you need to open your heart when you watch, ponder and reflex, just like i did. Then it would not be just a movie. It will be something that help you to be a better person.

Happy watching 🙂

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May 4, 2010 at 9:35 AM

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Things I’ve Learned This Week

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# I learned to see something more detailed. yeah, it looks like I’m not detail enough..hmm..

# I learned to apply God’s words in my daily lives. Sometimes I really did it, but often I failed. But at least, I tried.

# I learned to be a supportive friend. It really needs some amount of self sacrifice and lots of smiles.

# I learned to be thankful for a family that I have. They are really great. I never notice this until my cousin’s wedding.

# I learned that my sister is a very dominant person. And so does my eldest brother. I wonder what home was like when they were still living under the same roof. Poor mama ;p

# I noticed that Robert Downey Jr. is a true super cool handsome bad boy. And I am in love with him. hehe..

# I learned to have empathy with my best friend, Ria. Yup, falling in love sometime sucks. Especially when he does not love me/us back.

# I knew now, how to send pictures with my Black Berry, even though I still don’t know how to rotate the pictures permanently.

# I learned to be a comforter. I am not really sure I was succeed though.

# I learned that life is celebrated when you die. I learned from Kak Ihut’s death. She was so loved that everybody is willing to come after a very tiring middle week day, just to take a last look of our dear friend who had touched our heart so deeply.

# I learned to tell the truth more rather than avoiding it. hehe…to some people, I found it’s so hard to tell the truth.

# I also learned to hide some unnecessary truth.

# I learned by heart, that some things just can’t be changed. And you cannot do anything about that.

# I should remember that Liang Teh is not available in every dining place. ya iyalahh…

…and so much more, I’ll try to add more when I can recall ;p

Written by Vallaura

May 4, 2010 at 9:10 AM

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