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Roman Handshake

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When I was in college, I was very frustrated for not being able to have a decent spiritual mentor. You might ask, why on earth I need one. Well, my college days were my darkest days… (ah, remembering this hits me. How could I say today is my darkest day when I’ve been into more darkest days than today?)

Anyway, one of best friends. Well, years ago, she was the only one I had. She told me something interesting regarding to how God keeps us. She mentioned something about Roman handshake. Do you know anything about this? Well, hundreds of years ago, Romans, when meet each other also did handshake like people nowadays. But there’s a bit difference on how they did it. So, instead of hand shaking from palm to palm, they grab each other wrists and shake it.

Something similar like this picture. I cannot find anything else close enough to describe Roman handshake...

This is what people say on how God keeps us. When we welcome him into our lives, we did the handshake that the Romans did. You know why this is so special? Well, in some of our life (if it’s not most) we will loose our grip to His. But He will never loose His grip towards us. Imagine if we did the ordinary handshake, if we loosen our grip, His grip will be loosen too…. but not with the Roman handshake. And He did the Roman handshake to each and everyone of us who welcome Him into our lives.

So, never worry when we are in our darkest moment and lost our grip to Him. He is still holding ours.

This will pass too…


Written by vallaura

June 2, 2010 at 1:35 PM

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