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No Idea

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I have no idea what to write, but i promised myself to write. So I log on to my blog, with nothing on my head. I mean, it’s not that I have empty mind, but i guess there’s nothing interesting enough to write.

well today is a national holiday. It’s time to get up very very late in the morning. yeah, i remember that i still have to wake up early on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s not that i’m complaining, but really, it really is a great opportunity to wake up late 🙂

….as I open my mind, I now notice that there are some interesting things that I want to write. But they are all not for public. sigh. I wonder, why do we need to constrain ourselves. it’s my bloody blog, why can’t I wrote anything as a fruit of my mind….

well anyway, now i want to read….

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August 17, 2010 at 8:45 AM

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Time in Times

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Howdy all,

Time in Times, Karawaci

It has been quite sometimes since my last contact with my dearest blog. Life has been capturing all my time and energy. Thankfully today, being the first day of Ramadhan 2010, has been declared as holiday and I can relax myself. Half laying in one of the cages here in Times Karawaci, I am able now to have a lil bit time to put all my thoughts into words. Slow mellow songs played brings a very cozy atmosphere to chain up all the words into sentences. And a perfect sight of trees in a drizzle this afternoon just made me feel perfect to write.

…..Lately I was thinking about my life. I got attacked with so many minds and thoughts (which i cannot tell you the difference between minds and thoughts) that made me feel discontent. I kept telling myself, why complain? Don’t I have all the reasons to be thankful?

First, I have a great job. Not the kinda job that made you travel around the world or making you millionaire every month, nope, but it’s a great job with great working hours, environment and salary. Yes, it is located out of the busy area of Jakarta aka remote area, but hey, no package is perfect! Less stress indeed, with full of blessings, what more should i ask?

Second, I have a great family. A sister who always takes good care of me, brothers who always ready when I need their help and a dad who prays! Trust is a great element in my family and we put it in action. We don’t live in a five-story mansion for sure. Yet, the five of manage to take care of ourselves.

The list could go on (I actually wanted to continue the list) but then i experience a lost connection 😦 so gone are all the mood and eagerness to continue. next time, I really need to push myself to write in my notes first, before displaying on the web.

ohya, i had a very surprising and sad ending of the day, fyi.

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August 11, 2010 at 1:46 PM

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