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Friends ^^

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Yeehaw…one thing you don’t want to miss in a holiday is great friends. And I know, I am sooooo lucky to have great friends 🙂

Looking up

Looking Up

Friends help us to look up where we can see that there’s sovereign God who control every seconds of our lives. They help us to look up when we constantly look down.

Looking Down

Looking Down

Friends help us to look down. When life course fly us so high and we tend to forget all things that brought us up. Friends take us to look down and realize that it’s only because of God’s loving grace. And who might guess, you might even standing on the best photo spot 🙂

Looking Elsewhere

Looking Elsewhere

Friends help us to look elsewhere, especially regarding in finding handsome hunk and pretty gal 🙂 They make us smile in the quest of finding right one even though the quest almost break us down. Heyya, remember, you’ve got a friend!

Looking at the camera

Looking at the camera

And, always of course, friends help us to look at the camera. yeah… friends do that. They make us give our best smile, and SMILE!

Thanks to Tri, Diana, Mely and Sely. Hope to have another great time with you all 🙂

Written by vallaura

September 21, 2010 at 2:56 PM

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