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Balekambang Beach at Lebaran Holiday 2010

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Indonesia is a beautiful country you know. I am not saying it because I’m Indonesian, but really it is a beautiful country. Let me ask you questions:
1. Do you want to satisfy your soul by seeing beautiful mountain range view? Breath taking sunrise and beyond?
2. Or do you prefer a white sandy beach, public or private you name it, nude or open you say it. We have ’em all here.

Balekambang beach, Malang, East Java-Indonesia

Balekambang beach, Malang, East Java-Indonesia

Oh no? you prefer exotic animals? rain forest? mangrove woods? we still can provide you with all of them. we just unfortunate by lacking of good education for the people. So people tend to be selfish and greedy, two ethics that we should have been learning since born. Lacking this two habits make the nature spoiled. Will you come and see them all before they are all gone?

Last holiday, I had the opportunity to visit one of the sandy beaches in the southern coast of Java island. The locals call it Balekambang beach. I don’t know whether it has anything similar with Bali (Bale), but it has one tiny island where there’s a small temple, Pure, on it just like what Bali has in its Tanah Lot. Actually, there are some more island, but locals say that it’s a virgin island as in wild animals and snake still roam there. We need to leave them alone then.

Relaxing at the temple

Relaxing at the temple

It was on holiday season, so the beach practically filled with people, locals and tourists, kids to elders. They were all roaming together to play with the nature, something that they cannot see during normal days. The waves were splendid but kinda big for swimming. Life guards patrol every now and then making sure lil’ kids didn’t go too far to the sea. It is the southern sea of Hindi Ocean off to Australian coast, that’s what make the waves big and a bit dangerous for swimming.

It has a potential tourism attraction, i must say. Banana boat, jet ski or any other water sports will be happily accepted here, but I guess no investors are willing to put their money here since the government still neglecting the area. Locals sell cheap souvenirs and snacks. You can bargain here and get “kampoeng” food. Please don’t mind the grammar 🙂 I must be honest, due to no adequate trash can, the beach will soon be dirty by litter. you should come early in the morning where the water, air and sand are still fresh and clean. you will fall in love with this beach in an instant.

LOVE myself!! :)

LOVE myself!! 🙂

I took the liberty to be kid and play with the sand as well. It was excellent. We can make sand castle or bury ourselves in a warm sand. Relaxing seeing the magnificent view of an offshore sea. Here and there we can here children laughing around and even grown ups chuckling with their peers around the sea shore. We can see people lifting up their burden with the nature.

I won’t hesitate to visit the beach again. Umm..but, on second thought. There are still millions of beaches here. Island and beaches, corals and so many things to do with the shallow water around island in Indonesia. And just maybe next time I’ll better visit a different beach so I tell you a different story about it.


Written by vallaura

September 21, 2010 at 2:17 PM

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