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Choices, first we made them up but at the end they made us up.

This weekend I had a really soul-filling weekend. There’s this Rev. Bill Crowder coming from the US to teach us about some lessons from the Bible. (It’s perfectly okay if you want to stop reading). Aside from the lots of deep teaching, one caught most if not, all, of my attention; choices.

He said that in every little choices that we made there’s definately a coming consequences, whethere it’s good ore bad. Hmmm…here’s the thing. I really like to exaggerate things. So, in my mind, I picture myself choosing coffee over mineral water and even in that smallest unsignificant choice, there lies consequences, whether now or later.

King Saul is one of the people who unfortunately taken as example of a person who made choices poorly. Now, we don’t want to be like him, right?

So let us now be reminded to make choice wisely!


Written by vallaura

October 24, 2010 at 8:52 PM

Posted in Me, Thoughts

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