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buhay. het leven. liv. vita. seikatsu. leben. saenghwal. vitae. shenghuo. vida. la vie. zoi. life. hidup…

or whatever your language says. It represents the 24hours that we have everyday until we are running out of it.

Never question God, but question us, ourselves, whether we are doing what we are supposed to do.

I am not interested in talking about my life, nor do you i supposed. But I am not keen enough to talk about someone else’s life as well. However, it it unavoidable for us not to see other people’s life since they are around us, near and far.

So, this friend of mine, is currently having a struggle that no one can see it coming. She is very beautiful and smart. She has her own class and very exclusive energetic young woman. And despite all facts that legalize her to be snob, she is not. Everybody will admit that she is also warm and friendly. A type whom everybody loves. So as we heard that she is struggling with a difficulty. we cannot but empathize with her.

At my very indifferent mood, I have the opportunity to hear her, sharing about her struggles. And wow, what a great heart inside that thin and soft human body. She reminded me that we cannot predict anything about life. Out of the blue, something happened to you and it changed your life drastically. You cannot prevent it, you cannot stop it, you cannot even predict that it will happen to you. Yet it happened. You don’t know why it happened to you. You don’t see it coming. You don’t really sure when exactly it hit you. Yet it hit you. Without a heart as great as her heart, I am sure anyone will collapse in a pond of despair and hopelessness.

You could never really know about it, couldn’t you? when are you going to have a twist, when are you going to be settled, when are you going to be tested. And in life, not like my aerobics classes, you don’t have options. or. you might never know that what you thing is an option, it is not.

I also have a twisted life. Some people who just knew me by month had already started to grade my life by scale 10. I don’t blame them. You just have to judge people, right? I mean, it’s a normal process in relationships and friendships. A friend and a boss of mine texted me, upon receiving a long email of sharing, “do what God wants you to do.” And that just sum up all. Either you are with religion or without. Or. either you are Christian or non-Christian, my friend suggested that you should follow the owner of your life. Hence your life will run as it supposed to be. In life, there are good things and there are bad things. I mean, there are good things and there are bad things. Accept that fact.

I am pondering in this fact, as i know yet un-acknowledge it. I mean, i know this fact for years, yet i don’t want to admit that it is a true fact. But as i observe my friend, it becomes crystal clear to me, that it is the fact. And i am sure, i need to really grasp this as January moves to February. As to second continues to moves even as i type this writing.

Well, friend. Be courages, just like my friend there. And be peace with life as it is.

Written by Vallaura

January 23, 2011 at 1:55 PM

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