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Who are you?

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You are what you said.
You are what you ate.
You are what you think you are.

From a movie that I just watched, apparently It is a question that no one wants to be asked for. simple because it has psychological effect, when you have to decide your existence in just split seconds. I gave thought about this. And found out that…

I am not 100% perfectionist. I always thought that I am a planner, a thinker and non-risk-taker. Well, my experience going to Lombok last month proves that I am not like that. or at least I should never again thinks that I am 100% of something.

I am not friendly. What a fact! I tried to set aside this thought, but no matter how hard I try I end up admitting this fact is true. There are hundreds of reason to make friend. But, there are also hundreds of reason to not make one. Life is about understanding and choosing wisely. With the right amount of experiences, I am sure we can tell which to be friend with and which to stay away from. I know, that does not necessarily made me unfriendly. But, picture a friend, trying hard to be friend and my only respond is with two lines messages. isn’t that friendly?

I am a dancer. As far as my legs can move, I supposed. But, hear me. Have you ever listened to a fast-beat-song and hate it? well, I don’t. Coz, every time I heard any fast-beat-song, my heart felt pumped and as far as the place permits, I danced. That’s why I so love Body Jam classes. They dim off the light and turn on the music loud…and move!

… I learned that if you take time to give thought to thing that is happening around you, you will know yourself more. How you react and made choices really show who you are especially those made in split seconds. What’s best is, when you know who you are. And you know who you should become. You can try to be who you should become by changing and leading who you are now.

So don’t leave a second in your life without you giving thought on it. Good luck!

Written by Vallaura

February 5, 2011 at 10:54 PM

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