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From Shaolin to Burlesque.

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~The lame yet handsome Tourist got stung by the green hornet simply bcoz he waited for the King’s Speech in the Shaolin temple right before visiting Burlesque~

Here’s another movie log. The first of this year. I read my last year movie log (ping back to movie log) just now and decided to note down some appreciation of some more movies. I, unlike some other people I know, proudly declare that I’m just a pathetic Hollywood Movies.

1. Green Hornet
Platinum Screen, Margo City Depok, Saturday Feb 26th 2011. Me and Wati.

Almost a green bee! Thank God they did not put a green bee as the title, such a turn off. I never read the comic nor the review of this movie before, just like any other movie that I watched. I just knew that some of my friends said that it’s a pleasant movie, as in, an entertaining one. So, when our small group meeting was cancelled due to some unnecessary reasons, we directly headed to the nearest movie theater. Unsurprisingly, the movie is quite nice. There’s humor and moral message here and there. I attached myself more to the father and son relationship, the “hornet” showed. It is so true, we became what we are now unavoidably because of our parents. (So, parents, behave yourself!) I am also happy to see the friendship displayed there. Rare thing, I must say. So from the family message and friendship, I should say it is a movie worth to watch.

2. The King’s Speech
MTA XXI, Thursday Feb 24th 2011. Alone.

This is a movie that I watched because of a facebook status. I read a status and I go to the movie theater to watch it. I have no clue whatsoever about it (as usual). And I found this movie is extremely rich in meaning. It represent a real life struggle one might face in one’s life. It’s excruciating watching it because I can see the truth there and I can put my self in his shoes. It has always been and will always be our struggles that made us stronger and a person of character. It will never be our success, it will always be our struggles behind it, that made us a growing person. One short coming from this movie or my experience when i was watching this movie was the other audiences. I cannot believe me ears when I heard some men laughing when they were watching this movie. Hell, are you kidding me? which part of this movie deserve any of those laughter? I was so upset that I, an introvert, should scold them with some shoossh!!! Awful audience yet a great movie. simply, too bad…

3. Shaolin
MTA XXI, Thursday Feb 10th 2011. Alone.

I guessed movie people want to embrace all kind of people in all kind of occasions that they created this movie in celebrating The Chinese New Year. Me, myself, do not celebrate it. So, when all people rushed to the theater to watch this movie and claimed it as a good movie, I still ignored it being. Not until someone tweeted something about this movie that I forced my legs to watch it.

Surprisingly, it was a good movie. The moral messages were so thick starting from the beginning of the movie. You cannot but to feel in their shoes. Or…was it just me and my melancholic side? :p One important lesson that I cannot help to notice starting from the beginning is the cause and effect lesson. I really not in to Karma. But, surely, whatever we do in this life, small or big, it has effect into our own lives and to people who are close to us and especially to people who are dear to us. Me, as a teacher, really astonished one more time by this idea. Yap, teachers should really very careful in whatever she is doing. Because whatever it is, it will effect the children.

4. Burlesque
PS XXI, Saturday Feb 5th 2011. Me with the SF Girls.

This is my kinda movie. I recalled my experience watching NINE and how I cannot take my eyes of the screen even just to hoosh someone annoying. I really love this movie. I love the expression of the singing and dancing showed there. I love the reality, the chances of embracing love and the power of hard works. This kind of movie is radiating spirit of dreams and hope where everything is possible and possibility is everything.

5. The Tourist

I really forgot when or when I watched this movie. Some people were busily complaining about this movie, on how bad it was, especially the end of the story. hahaha…. I never gave a damn consideration about it. It just happened that Jhonny Depp Stared it. So I watched. As simple as that. C’mon you don’t need to be that serious about a reason of using 25k IDR. There are more things to think about than that 😉

Keep on watching!

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March 8, 2011 at 9:26 PM

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