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Black Eyed Peas

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Which one?

This one…


that one?

I must have been dreaming.

This can’t be me?

What’s got into me?

What changed me?

Yeah, I asked this questions to myself. I am geek freak who likes to play PC games and read pages of books. I love staying in the shade, watch the crowd and listen to slow jazz. I do walking on windy days looking at the leaves and drinking hot cappuccino. I am no fans of noise.

My crushed for Black Eyed Peas is becoming so real each and every day now. You know what they say, “the more you know them, the more you’ll love ’em”. I have never been familiar with any of their songs, well, not until I listen and dance with their song at my gym. Yep, I think, the B.E.P should thank the gym for playing their songs everyday and most of all for making some funky and corky choreography with their songs. I am guessing that hundreds of people are starting to like them in this way.

So, I google and YouTube them. It’s amazing, the internet, if you know what I mean. You can see the real black-eyed peas and The Black Eyed Peas. It’s interesting to read something like this (btw, I got the above picture from the link as well). And more interesting to see millions of their photo poses. But through Wikipedia I know that they are an American hip hop group, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1995. They are composed of rapper and instrumentalist (wow that word! I almost misspelled it), rappers and Taboo and singer-rapper Fergie.

I have to admit, I always have some chemistry with rap music. This was they way they can penetrate my sophisticated mind. But they are not just doing the Boom Boom Pow. Nope, they made such a mixture ballad that made me want to Meet them Halfway. Their ideas start from the promiscuous theme like My Humps to a self-defense theme like Don’t Phunk With My HeartI Got The FeelingThis Time they are going to smash my head more than Lady Gaga!!

From The End to The Beginning, they have this charm enchanted to me that even a Jazz lover like me need it. Guess it’s true what the amateur psychologist said, everyone need to let go their rebellious side before it rebel inside of you. So, let’s go and have some xoxo!!! 😉



The other picture is taking from


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