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~ Jakarta International Christian Fellowship ~

[original post was published on Sunday, May 30th, 2010. Due to some condition all content has been removed. This note is simply a reminder for the writer that the first and foremost idea of this post is not whatever written under this note.]

… I know this sounds awkward and corky. I mean, what am I doing writing something about a church. Isn’t that a blog reader turn offer? Yap, I shook my head in disbelief as well. But you know what they said, you gotta do what you gotta do, you gotta write what you gotta write. So, I hope this post is nice enough to keep you reading till the last word. Happy Sunday everyone!

“I think what its lacking of is its best of. “

JICF is one of English speaking churches in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I have to admit that I don’t know anything about its history even though the elders had shared it to us several times. I am just not good with history, I’m sorry. Because of its international characteristics, people who are coming there came from varied nationalities, as expected of course. This as well means that the people there will come and go because they are not  permanent residents in Indonesia. What interest me is, that even though they might have so little time staying in Jakarta hence JICF, they are still eager and willing to contribute to this church. I might exaggerate a little, but I think everyone there contributes something or everything.

So here I am, so blessed with this church and looking to that facts. I volunteered to be a Sunday school teacher. For you, it might not seem big. But for me, as a professional teacher who teaches Monday to Friday, 7 to 3, it’s a big deal. Fellow teachers will say that I deserve a time off from those lil’ rascals. And therefore I am freed from any obligations to be a Sunday School teacher. Again, you might think the contrary. That as a professional teacher, I am obliged to be a teacher everywhere. well, you are wrong.

I am writing this, not to show off my contribution to this church, no. I am writing to remind myself, whenever I’m worn out  in doing this. I should remember the blessings that made me do it at the first time. And hopefully, this will keep me going. Thanks JICF.

next. Dan Fennell.


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