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TIPS: #5 Ways to survive from depression

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Like it or not, life could never be the way you always want it to be, whoever you are. As an amateur psychologist (*wink*) I must say that being in a state of depressed, once a while, is a positive symptom telling that you are really alive. So, accept the fact that, you can-not, not, depressed once or more than once in your life.

So here are 5 ways that I usually do, when I am depressed.


Stop what you are doing. There are two main reasons why you need to stop what you are doing. First, what you are currently doing might be the source of your depression. And we all know that we need to avoid the source of our depression. And last, what you are currently doing might be effected by your depression. We all know that depression brings no good result to whatever we are doing. So, it’s best to stop. Find out the source of depression, solve it then we back go back to do what was postponed.


The next thing after you stop, is to pause. This is the time for you to dig inside yourself and to find out what or who caused the depression. If you are religious person, you might feel to pray and talk to your God. The saying-out-loud therapy works like a charm for me. Set a time to date with God without cell phones or blackberries. But if you are not a religious person then a trusted friend might work. Just be sure that you know the consequences when you involve someone else into your very personal life.


I know, everybody is busy. I know everyone wants to get out from depression as fast as one could. But step #3, imho, is as important as the other steps. So you paused and found out the cause of your depression, then what? I’ll tell you the truth. You are so not ready to deal with it. So, why rush? Right after you found out the cause of your depression then give thanks to God (or your friend) and set up a plan to relax. Do your hobbies! Get your camera and some penny, go to the park and shoot some objects. Flowers is the easiest. They somehow bring comfort and peace. If you like challenge, go hunt the butterflies or even a dragon! (-flies, of course! Tee-Hee!) Buy some slurpee when you are tired. Do this relaxation for 2-3 days. Your emotion will be ready by then. Oh, if that doesn’t represent you at all, you can just go out shopping, watching movies, bowling, karaoke-ing and do other fun stuffs! Just remember that this relaxation is aimed to bring relax, not to bring more depression especially at the end of the month when you meet Bill 😉


Now, here comes the reality. Like it or not, if you are a responsible adult and mature person, we just have to deal with it. There are two ways in understanding deal. The first one is the easiest, you just deal with the fact that, that thing or that person is the way it is. If you can deal with it, then you can live with it. Be peace with it as it is. The second one is not as easy as the first one, this one require you to, really, deal with it. You know the source of your depression then you face it. If it is a person then take a deep breath and face her/him. Do NOT confront that person, instead work a solution so that s/he will no longer be the source of your depression. This require a lot of patience and self-denial. Imagine, talking to the source of your depression. But if you are able to deal with this. You are conqueror.


You might think that I’m too late telling you that we need to avoid depression. Surprise not my friend, it is the last step. Bear, carve it in stone if you could, the fact that you are so miserable when you are depressed. Do not bear the source of depression, because sources might changed. Bear the feeling. Think back how low your self esteem was, how pitiful your being was, how worthless your entity was… renounce to yourself that you will try your best to not be in that position again. Then you will try your best to avoid sources of depression. It will be like a reflect movement of you.

But I’m sorry to say… some depression just could not be avoided. It means we just need to be back to step #1. But it never means that we are back to square one. Nope. Because some depressions are allowed to happen to use in order to build ourselves, to make us stronger, to make us a conqueror. It will press us to our building point not our breaking point.

So chin up! Come what may, we are ready!


(A compilation of thought after two-day-in-a-row Bible Studies discussing about stress and depression learning from Job, Paul and Hannah

Written by Vallaura

May 15, 2011 at 5:58 PM

4 Responses

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  1. Omg. finally someone who understands depression.Ive been “writing” myself to my own cure. I share your


    Mr.Tod A.Parker

    May 15, 2011 at 6:28 PM

  2. To help with their feelings of worthlessness give them suggestions and encourage them to uncover a brand new approaches where they can put themselves to use not merely to keep them occupied but also to keep them interested in life. Obtaining a purpose to still live life to the fullest will definitely boost their morale and self-esteem, something that’s very essential to avoid depression..


    Moira Tweddle

    June 13, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    • although of course we know that some depressed people are very hard to accept or even just to hear any suggestion from other people. but yeah, i agree with your statement. thanks for bringing it up. 🙂



      June 16, 2011 at 4:15 PM

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