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TIPS: #5 Ways to survive the gym schedule

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While I am squeezing my tiny gray cells about what to write on my blog. My friend’s question came up to my mind, “How could you able to keep on doing that?”. We were at that time having a dinner together in one of the malls in Jakarta. I went there little late because I needed to go to the gym. There she asked, how can I manage to keep my gym schedule on track. So, here it goes.


In order to survive the gym, you should, firstly, be a risk taker. Don’t you know that if there’s no risk involved, it means there’s no value inside. And when there’s no value inside, definitely there’s no point of doing it!

Right when you decided to join membership of a health club or fitness club, they will ask you to sign a year contract agreement. Definitely, because it is known worldwide that gym membership has the highest rate of turnover. On January, people rushed in to the gym as their New Year resolution but at the end of April, we barely see one of them again. So gym charged you in advance for a year contract. Now doesn’t that a risk? You won’t know whether you’ll be “faithful” enough to keep on doing it, but they had already charged you with a year payment which of course deducted directly from your credit card. So you take risk. Hey! Actually, that is your first achievement. Good job! Because apparently, not all people are willing to take this simplest risk.


Now, we are members. Then what? Well, like it or not, we need to give sacrifices. Nothing worth something without sacrifices. There will be 3 most valuable things that you need to sacrifice. They are not cheap things, in fact they are the most priceless things a person could have; Time, Money and Energy.

Take a time to read through the gym manual. If you were like me, completely new in this sport things, it is very wise to get to know it beforehand. There will be nice names like Easy Step and Easy Moves but there are also names that will make you frown, Hot Flow, Body Pump, or Body Attack.

After you are a bit familiar with the names, plan up a week schedule. If you are rich enough, just get one Personal Training. The PT, for short, will arrange everything according to your needs. But you can make your own personalized schedule of course. It’s far more flexible and economist of course. 😉 After that, here comes the hardest part. We need to squeeze that week schedule in to your schedule. Yup, indeed you  gonna miss some of your movie time. And definitely, there will be no more afternoon coffee time. Sacrifice, remember!


It’s that awkward moment. When you don’t know what to wear, what to do and who you should turn to. My suggestion: Be Bold! I know, the Cycling Studio is horrifying. The Group Exercise is intimidating. And the one that you count on, the Mind and Body Studio, it freaks you out, only by a slight glancing of the movement they are doing. They call it  Yoga, I think. Your safest option is the treadmill and its kind. Or, if it’s possible, swimming pool is one of the clever options you can make. Spend three days doing these routines while observing those classes. When you think you are ready (or ready enough), put your step on it. But wait, don’t do the same mistake that I did. Don’t choose Body Pump. You’ll die, I’m telling you.


The 3rd step, the above one, you should keep on doing it for months. Try all the classes. It will take time until you decided to join the Body Attack class, no worries, every one will understand. But your boldness should enable you to try it eventually.

After that, enjoy it. Enjoy every single thing in the gym. Don’t bother the weighing machine that keeps on telling you that your body mass and fat mass are imbalance. Or the low quality of soap and shampoo they are providing. Rather, feel the vibe, the music that they are playing. Dance with it as you move to each classes. Find your lost soul. Mine is in the Steps Classes. Oh how I love to join the Easy Step and Body Step classes. Maybe yours is in the Body Combat class, like most of the people. When you have found it, and enjoy it, then you should make it as habit. Just what they say, motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.


Last but not least, you need to build relationship. Simply because you cannot trust yourself. Life brings a lot of excuses. One week of holiday and your off from gym and the habit is broken and you need to drag those lazy feet back to the gym the next week. It’s horrible picture. So, I guess, this is the best tip I can give you, build relationship. It is known and admitted that peer and social control is very strong in influencing someone. So, after months of classes, go talk and chat with the instructor. Ask her/his name, ask this and that, introduce yourself more and this and that. Bump into the familiar faces in class, give aerial comments, share exhausted look and get their names! Do this for a while then level up by asking their facebook account, be their social network friends, add their Blackberry pins and twitter account if you are crazy enough. (forget the later one, you might be considered as a stalker, not good.)

So, there they are. Nicely put, I hope. 🙂 And like the wall around the gym said Endurance was not build in a day. In my case, it was not build in a half year as well… so, stay strong pal! Enjoy the healthy lifestyle.

Written by vallaura

May 22, 2011 at 8:43 PM

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