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Holiday therapy

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Did you know that holiday is already holiday even if it’s not started yet? uh-hu, right when you are busy booking tickets, preparing itinerary, shopping for clothes to pack, imagining hundreds of pictures you will take…yup, it’s started already!!! Yippiiee!! 😀

And oh-oh! People are now filling their blogs with TO-DO and MUST-DO lists for the coming holiday. And me want to join the conversation too!!

#1. Go to a beach

This is a must! I can already feel the hot sea breeze, the splash of salty sea water and the view of blue blue blue waves…. It is just a must! And I had book a trip to Lombok, yay!!

Lombok last year!

#2. Eat and Eat

*giggling* 😀 It’s holiday people… we have all the rights to enjoy great food! Take for instance, gigantic seafood platter with a beer, mayo sushi with heaps of tobiko and a coollddd ocha, kilograms of spicy chicken wings with coke, or simply salad salad and salad! Yumm… aren’t you happy just to read those list? add more please!

Seafood platter!

#3. Read books

We cannot expect that the days will be sunny for the entire month, can we? And for those rainy days, fear not my friends, it’s not a holiday disaster like some people might think they are. I would suggest us to choose out at least 3 books for couching off on those cold windy rainy days. This might change, but I have the Twilight Saga on my mind (yup, I’m about to read them for my 15th time), Who calls me beautiful? as my book project, and … well, that’s 5 already :p With laptop on my lap, there’s no way I’ll lack of something to read. Ahh… when will be the best time to enjoy my long lost hobby if it’s not during holiday… 😉

The Twilight Saga

#4. Take photos

This is so important that one should not forget. Especially as a newbie blogger like me, photos will do the words right when I’m lacking of something to say. But most importantly, photo-taking is capturing memories of what mind cannot keep. Those crazy dancing movement at karaoke or a pub, some tans on the beach, and of course scenic nature around the trip. And photos are just photos if you just keep them on the 1x1mm memory card. Share them!! Then they will more than just photos, they will be unforgettable stories.

#5. Do extraordinary

This is my project this June-July holiday. I’m not sure I can do it. But when I do, you will definitely read it! People say we need to try new things to feel alive in this world. Some adrenaline pumping activities are suggested the most. But something new is wider than that. My options are open, really open wide. I am thinking to hitch hike. I had already sign in for this even with the CouchSurfing community, Jakarta. Still not sure whether I have the guts to do it at the D-Day though. Drink wine is the next option. I had never try one in my almost 30 year life. So, it’s fair enough to go to Segarra Beach Cafe to drink one, don’t you think? Parasailing on tandem or beach sailing are other options, but I have not yet plan for them. And other options that are too crazy to expose right now.

A glass of wine

So, now my mind is ready for the holiday. My mood is rocketing. And when the holiday ready do come. I will so ready for it.

Happy holiday everyone…. life is good!

More stories and photos coming to your desktop, definitely!!

——————————————————————————————————————————- for picture of seafood platter

Written by Vallaura

June 4, 2011 at 11:41 AM

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