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Trekking at Mt. Rinjani

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 How would you spend your        Summer holiday?

                  1. Visit ancient tribe to learn more about humans.
                  2. Dip and enjoy underwater coral scenery by snorkeling.
                  3. Get home made gelato and relax on a beach viewing some hunk guys.
                  4. Stay up late and sip blue margarita on an open air cafe.
                  5. Trek up to a mountain and submerge under a waterfall.

or, all of the above

for me, all of the above. I mean, ALL OF THE ABOVE!! 😉

This Summer, I decided to be kind to myself and had myself a trip to Lombok island in which I can enjoy all of the above. I visited an ancient Sade Village where I can see that some people actually can survive without technology. See for yourself here. I also got myself into an exotic tiny island of Gili Trawangan where you can enjoy beautiful corals, wonderful home made gelato and awesome bule guys. (Bule is Indonesian slang to address western people) You don’t believe me, check by yourself, right here. Well, it will be more complete with this post. Where I will share you about the beauty of one of Indonesian rain forests that lies in the valley of Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani is the source of life in Lombok island. Some local elders of Lombok and Bali often hike up to burn incense of offering to their gods. They believe their gods dwell in this mountain as well as in Mount Agung in Bali island. As local really holds their belief, you can see that everything in here is preserved well. Modern local might not believe as their parents do, but they keep on preserving this mountain because they know that it is a great tourist object. Hence, they always remind tourist to keep their trash with them and throw nothing on their way up, including inappropriate words.

As I hiked up with my pack, I can see beautiful natural scenery. Everything there were green and fresh. And as we went along the way, a stream of water never fail to accompany us. I really enjoyed being in this mountain where tall and big trees swarming all around. They reminded me of how great God is. On our ways we also needed to cross some streams and felt the cold of the water on our very skin. Things that you cannot feel in your every day life in big city. At this point, you will forget all the problem in your life and you will only feel happy. 🙂

But the journey was not paid off yet. Some more kilos to go before we can really submerge in the brain freezing water. Some more amazing landscape that our eyes can enjoy. Some more pictures that we can take on the way up there.

As we went further into the forest, we had the opportunity to encounter with a quite big rock which the locals named Slimming Rock or in Bahasa Batu Pelangsing. I think they name it Slimming Rock because they thought that only slim people can go through it. Well, think again.

I managed! yay!!

Now, the sound of the waterfall became very obvious, you will feel like running to it. The atmosphere was even more mystical. Trees seemed greener than ever. Brown and green carpets of moss were everywhere made our journey even more interesting. And as the last pile of trees were passed through, there lied the magnificent waterfall. Right there, it was waiting for us.

There, put up beautifully, The Waterfall of Mt. Rinjani. A mystical view where one can imagine that beautiful angels come down to take a bath. 🙂

It was really paid off now. But wait… you will regret if you just stand there and watch. You needed to wash off those sweats by  submerging yourself into that freezing water. Kill your brain!!!

Me and my pack walked carefully between those slippery rocks and swam down and had fun with this pure natural water. I really cannot feel my brain at that time. ICE-COLD!! Everybody was not being themselves as we dared ourselves to take underwater photos. It was far from being pretty, but every time I glanced at it. I never fail to smile and bring my mind run back to that place. What an unforgettable moment of life.

All were shivering, but we care not! It’s fun! fun!! fun!!!

Guess, nobody wanted to leave that place, but alas! time never permit. We had to hike down before sunset. And our tour guide had promised us a perfect spot to capture Lombok panoramic sunset. (that will be on another post.) And to end our wonderful journey, me and the pack used what’s left to get one last shoot on the gate of the trekking trail. Ah! ’till we meet again. 🙂


All photos are courtesy of Lombok Vacation 3, Lombok Vacation 5 and private collections.

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  1. wow such amazing journey!! nice…



    July 16, 2011 at 11:06 PM

  2. waow… exciting climb….!
    Climbing Mount Rinjani exciting, come join the next period, we serve you in a package trip to climb Mount Rinjani, visit more our site at and email to


    Bohari Adventures

    July 18, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    • I would love to get to the top. I heard the view is breathtaking. not this year though… maybe next year yah… will check on the link you sent me. thanks 🙂



      July 18, 2011 at 11:28 AM

  3. […] Well, I have to admit it was not as breath taking as trekking at Mt. Rinjani in Lombok. […]


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