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This beautiful exotic tropical island is called the island of the gods and goddesses. It is simply believed as an island where god and goddess live as its beautiful nature is stunning and breathtaking.

Bali lies at the south coast of a giant archipelago of Indonesia, a South East Asian country. It is located in a range of other topical islands exactly between Java and Lombok, both are also famous with its own beauty signature.

As an island, Bali is surrounded by white sand beaches. Coral reefs and cliffs are among its natural heritage, of course, beside its dazzling culture.

I, myself live in Java island, in the west region of Java island to be exact. I work in the capital city, Jakarta, which is two hours distance from my place. Jakarta is the most populous city in this country. Despite of some distinction of a metropole city, Jakarta is still a city worth to visit anytime you come to this country. It will take approximately one day by car or one hour by plane to get to Bali from Jakarta. Some domestic and international flight fly to this famous island.

As a famous island, Bali is rich with entertainment and amusement. Beach activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, and beach party are among of those entertainment. But I, in the other hand, …I just love to sit down on a warm sand and enjoy the sun going down. Or maybe, I am just too lazy to stay up late… hehe…

Anyway, to be honest, I haven’t got the chance to explore the entire island. Shame on me, right? yeah.. I know. Well, I promise myself, I will do it. One day, I’ll go around and explore every corner of this island. And I promise you, I will write you up about it. Fingers crossed. My visits to Bali has always been to Kuta Bali. Kuta, pronounce Kute in local dialect, is one of the famous beaches in Bali. It is very crowded, indeed. Locals and foreigners seem love to swarm around this beach. But no worries, there will be always a place for you in this beautiful beach.

The last time I went there, I got a shoulder painting. Yeah…. it was just like any other shoulder or body painting. But when you had it in Kuta, it felt so much different. Hehehe… I sat there with my friends for the painting as we wait for the Sun to go down. I felt I was in my own world. Nothing matters but my self and the one of my view, the bright yellowish sunset. As the Sun going down, hundreds, if not thousands, of cameras tried to capture the magnificent view. …. as for me, I not only want to capture the view, but also I want to be in the view…

It took only few minutes right after the sunset, where you can see how this world changed. It was when the dark approached. As the Sun was about to sleep. Bright blue clouds were about to be replaced with dark thick clouds. Some pink color bursted for the last time to tell everyone that night life is about to come. The beauty of before dark was as astonishing as the sunset. We just stared at it before we left for some night walk.

As the night approaching, I and some friends approached stalls at Poppies Lane. Poppies Lanes are two famous lane where people open stall to sell extremely cheap souvenirs. If you have the skill to bargain, these are perfect places to sharpen your skills. I usually half price the price the seller told me. And from that price I go up a little bit to get the lowest price possible.

At the end of Poppies Lane #2 you will be able to see a monument there. Sadly, Bali had ever been a terrorist target. Two times, terrorist attacked this island with massive bombing. They were done in this very area, Kuta Bali. As a condolences for the victims, Indonesian government built this monument with carvings of the victims names. Yes, it is a sad story. But the present of this monument also remind each and every one who passed it to fight against terrorism. That together, we can live in harmony. Together, we can fight terrorism. [very sorry for the blur photograph]

That is my short story about Bali. I know this writing cannot give complete picture… but at least it will trigger you to come to this island 😉 maybe one day we can go together and write together….hehehe…

As Bali keeps on growing to be one of Indonesia’s best tourist destination, hopefully, I will also keeps on growing to be a better reader and photographer. So when time permits, some more writing of this gorgeous island will be on your reading menu.


Photos are personal collection.

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  1. Now I wanna go there!



    July 21, 2011 at 2:49 PM

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