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I need a doctor…

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I’m about to lose my mind
you’ve been gone for so long
I’m running out of time
I need a doctor
to bring me back to life

It was just another lazy Saturday in front of FOX when I caught this song for the first time. Nice, I thought. Until last couple of weeks, on my way to work, just as usual, I heard it played on my favorite radio channel. And that was for the first time I heard the entire song. I had no trouble recognizing Eminem’s voice. The next thing I knew I was browsing the song in youtube.

Call me quirky, or whatever, but I really got a very deep message from the song. I don’t know whether Dr. Dre and Eminem meant it or not.

For me, it’s obvious from the song that the song is a story of how Eminem was saved by Dr. Dre on his early years of his career. And in the song, currently, Dr. Dre was somehow gone or lost. And this was the time for Eminem to pay back his good deeds.

I was shocked to be able to drag a message this meaningful from a song full of bad words and curses.

Can he say any simpler than that?
That we need a doctor.

Definitely, whenever I fell sick I needed a doctor. Sometimes, though, I play smart. And be my own doctor. Try to recognize the symptoms and try to get the correct medicine. Sometimes it worked, really, but some other unlucky time, it made everything worse.

That’s a doctor for our physical body.
How about a doctor for our spiritual state?
Do we need a doctor for it?
Where can we get one, if we need him?

Well, call me a quirky again. I think, this is where believe came forward to answer. Despite of your religion, I think it’s no doubt that all human being need something divine to be worshipped. We are idolatrous people. Some worship dead man’s reputation, some worship man’s made sculpture, some worship the always changing nature, some worship invinsible state, some claimed they worship God. I guess whether we realize it or not, or, whether we admit it or not, we can feel that there’s a room in our lives that only that indescribable state can fill. A room for The Doctor.

As I went through the song, I got paralyzed. I can feel the strong bonding of two old friends. I can touch their trust, care, and love through this song.

It was you who believe in me
when everyone is telling you don’t sign me
you save my life now maybe it’s my turn to save yours
but i can never repay you what you did is way more
but i ain’t giving up faith
and you ain’t giving up on me
Get up Dre!
I’m dying,
I need you,
come back for fuck’s sake,

Yes. I have to admit. There’re another doctors that are as important as other doctors. They are, friends. These doctors help us when a wave of self pity strike us. Somehow, without writing any prescriptions, they can make our heart beats turned normal. Some even willing to get a bowl of hot chicken soup when we have fever. Now, that’s a doctor indeed!

Yeah, I am quirky. I learn a lot from this Eminem’s piece of work. Aside of Eminem as a person, whom I don’t know a clue, I am thankful for this song. I hope you can enjoy it also because I know that you need a doctor… umm… well, everyone does, sorta.

I need a doctor

Written by Vallaura

August 6, 2011 at 12:26 AM

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