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When you look at the mirror. Who are you looking at?

Some people are amazingly able to see their black dots, scar marks and fats instead of their fine cheek and well-constructed nose. Some even have the super ability to dig out failures, desperation and stress out of a pair of brown glassy eyes. Yeah. Most of us success in killing ourselves, our inner self.

I’m not much a successful person, sarcastic or non-sarcastic ways. I could be safe by saying, I’m a mediocre person. For me, just like Christopher Morley, there’s only be one success–to be able to spend your life in your own way.

As a perfectionist, I managed to accept things as the way they are. It sure took me a while. But years of practice in pressing all urges make things perfect helped a lot. I understand, now, that imperfect things have their own beauty. In their own ways, they make everything perfect.

These last half year, I had a wonderful journey learning new things, meeting new people through a Maths course that I enrolled in. As always, the roller coaster of excitements and assignments were thrilling and adrenaline high. And last two days, August 30th 2011 I managed to pull it off. I completed all the requirements needed, all the Course Portfolios. *high-five*

my busy desk, was

The feeling, of being able to complete everything required on time was an extravagant successful for me. A classy style of finishing well. Results and grades were second in line. But being responsible to finish it well was definitely something.

I am now giving a pat on my back and ready for my next adventure, that is enjoying life, my way.

*bottom-up and cheers!

Written by Vallaura

September 3, 2011 at 1:51 AM

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