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I am an introvert.

You will not deny that when you are my neighbor.

But I do open my mouth.

And, yes, sometimes I open my mouth, wide.. enough.

Open mouth wide when there's thorn in life

Yes. Life is never fair. Please, don’t be naive by waiting that your course of life will eventually make life make sense. And that one day you will ever taste the fairness of life. I am pessimistic about that.

However, that doesn’t make life has lost it’s charming and joy. Not at all.

In life, you will notice that people love to use rose as their poetry subject. I am more a cactus person. Rose is a spoiled plant, for me. You have to work your ass off to take care of that flower to be able to see the beautiful feature of it. And that the thorn. As if your life is not annoyed enough by caring for it, it gives you a prick on your fingers every time you try to reach its beauty. With an element of surprise in it since sometimes you cannot see the thorns under those thick green leaves.

Cactus is a different story. It will survive without care and water more than rose can possibly bear. It does not give you surprises. It shows who it is in public, a thorny plant. You will always know that you need to be careful in order to avoid a prick on a finger. And the beautiful flower a cactus gives you, always on top. An unashamed, free to be enjoyed by all passerby-eyes.

Both have thorn. Which one do you prefer? Which resembles you more? Which ever it is. It has thorn. So keep your mouth open even if there’s thorn in your life. Keep your life enjoyable even though there’s prick on your finger.

open mouth wide when there's something enjoyable

No matter how thorny your life is. There will always be something so simple to make you happy.

There are a lot of things in life, big or small, simple or complicated. The most important thing is not how they make you feel, but how you want them (or how you allow them) to make you feel. I met a lot of people in life who were overcame by things in life. They were dragged by life. And it seemed too hard for them to enjoy small things let alone simple things. I pity them. I pity people who laugh at me because I feel very happy just by dining at sushi bar. I am happy to be able to dine in a sushi bar! 🙂 Well, they said happiness is traveling around the globe. Happiness is having great husband, kids, house, car and so on. Happiness is having a worldwide career. Yeah, those are some definition of happiness, no doubt. But the art of life, for me,  is finding happiness in small and simple things like enjoying californian roll at sushi bar with friends seasoned by laughter and toast! Yap, cold Ocha will do! Cheers for life! 😉 Enjoy.

Written by Vallaura

September 29, 2011 at 11:45 PM

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