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Love is you.

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You are truly someone to love even though you are not someone who love back.

Thank you for moments that took my breath away, I will miss you. I know, I will…

The world of fairy tale that once I can see through you brings me to a realization that indeed love is enchanting, mystical and simply… beautiful.

And love is you.

And for a feeling that you left accidentally on my heart, I carve some words that will not allow you go completely from my life.

Because to remember you, is to remember laughing… is to remember sharing jokes.

is to remember being partner in bullying people… is to remember being happy.

is to remember to love.

A jolly pair of eyes, a curve on your lips, some wrinkles of laughter, an earthquake on the shoulder and a thundering voice… they are all your signature.

Forever in my mind.

Until we meet again.


Written by Vallaura

October 2, 2011 at 10:26 PM

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