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Drink up, me ‘earties, yo ho!

Among gazillions things that I love, Pirates of The Caribbean.

My Pirate-self

I am a pirate myself. Before I know this movie, I am a pirate in an old school PC game The New Horizons by the KOEI. Ah! How I miss Ali the merchant, Enrique the adventurer and of course Catalina the red-haired pirate. They took me all over the world, northern sea was the toughest. As I remembered that there’s no big port there. They taught me how to plunder and entertain the coastal village just to get water and food, or if you are lucky, a wonder.  I had once wished that the game been updated. Because it’s killing my crew with scurvy and tornado traveling from Asia to Europe without the Suez Canal. Africa was just a very huge continent to circle around. One or two lacking of this game were Captain Jack Sparrow and rum which Pirates of The Caribbean offered. Yup. In the game, when you visit a big port, don’t forget to visit the item shop every 2AM to get some powerful item. You might get lucky and able to buy a compass that doesn’t show North, a picture of a key, a map to Fountain of youth or simply a pistol with one bullet. Yes, they are really my things, the game and the movie. They are summary of my life.

#written after watching the whole series of POTC#

Written by vallaura

October 7, 2011 at 11:56 PM

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