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Hello November… For me, you are the most wonderful time of the year 😉

It’s funny how everything turned upside down at the moment we were expecting them to be okay. I left my Blackberry home. And that one thing, can ruin the whole universe for me, let alone a day!

However, I remember that today is November 1st, I had promised my self to cherish the November days including today. So I refused to be in a bad mood. Time was ticking and I managed myself to forget this BB thing. Actually, it was not about the absence of Blackberry that stressed me out. It was the fact that I left that tiny important device. It is rainy season in Indonesia. Flood will be all around Jakarta. And not having any communication device on hand will be very troubling.

When I was on grip with this thing. I found out that one of my ladybug chocolates was missing. They were a gift from a friend. Again, it was not about chocolates. It was about something that I kept close and it was gone. It was difficult for me to stay in good mood. But, I did keep my self in ok mood 😉

When I thought everything can’t go worse, it can. well, it has always like that, right? I went to the gym to know that the entire gym schedule was changed. oouch!! I hate when this kinda thing happens. Thankfully, a friend that was with me when I looked at the schedule board was someone easy-going. With her around, I can just adjust myself and forget about it.

Ahh… It turned out, when we refused to be in a bad mood, we can! I guess we just need to stick it in our heart and work our as off to make it real.

Thanks for being nice November. Though what happened, I learned a lot today.

cheers! 🙂


By the way. take your birth year (2 last digit) + current age + 1 = 111



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November 1, 2011 at 11:18 PM

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