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It starts with #3 now!

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Ah… November is about to end. I cannot believe when it is  here and now it’s almost leaving me again. What’s so special about November? Well, it’s my birth month. And, yes, I am a person who make a great deal about birthday, mine, in particular.

About birthday. How could someone thinks that it is just another day in this world while 30 years ago (this year, for me) a small family of a father, mother, 3 kids were excitedly waiting for their youngest baby girl-baby sister to come to their lives. I cannot remember a thing about that day. And in 1981, there’s no video cam to take the whole birth event. Well, thank God for that! But I do believe, my teenager siblings, 13, 10 and 7 year old bros and sis were at home, studying, perhaps, as they were in their school age ,while their parents, who later to be mine, of course, were at the hospital. Hmmm… I bet I cried a lot that I must have been very annoying turd for their studying nights. Hehehe… I bet they love me so much too. And that month, that full of thanksgiving and praise should be remembered, as I celebrate every birthday every year. Don’t you think so too, my friend?

And this month, she is 30 year old. Wow. What a journey. I have to admit. I cannot remember most of them. And I am not sure whether I should be thankful or regretful. When the day is approaching, November 14, I remember how some my friends are facing their new decade. Some are cool, some are lukewarm, and some are hot. Cool as in, it’s just another day in this world while hot is the opposite, it’s a day when you turn old! Haha!! And lukewarm, is like me. Yes, I turn older. Yes, it starts with number 3. Yet, yes, it’s still a birthday! 🙂

I did promise one thing for myself though. And this promise is only happening when I turn this age. That is to try all new things that I can possible dare to do. And lucky me, I started with a good new thing. A Nasi Tumpeng (Tumpeng Rice) for my birthday, instead of having my always favorite birthday cake, The Magnificent Blackforest. 😉 Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Vallaura

November 26, 2011 at 10:27 PM

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