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It’s holiday season for everyone around the globe. And as an inhabitant of the globe, I am mostly joyful to welcome this season. As I have decided to try all new things, I arranged some travel appointments to new places, near and far. Semarang is the first destination to go.

What’s in Semarang?
Yeah… I asked myself the same question when a friend of mine offered a trip to this city. But when I googled it, there were actually some nice spots to see in Semarang. So we arranged a return train tickets from Gambir (Jakarta) to Semarangtawang (Semarang) and guessed what, we got 100k IDR for a return trip tickets! It’s promo time! Sweet 🙂

After a day break from school, Sunday, December 11, 2011 we took the 7.30 AM train from Gambir train station Jakarta and arrived at Semarangtawang Semarang at 14.30. Speaking of a trip, It’s 7h trip!! Thankfully, Semarangtawang is a nice and clean train station. A modest high-end Javanese style. And as we proceeded to the exit, we were accompanied by a Javanese musical group, Gamelan. Nice welcome! 🙂 We got a taxi and headed to our smart simple hotel, Amaris at Jalan Pemuda, Semarang.

These are our recaps of the whole trip. Details will follow on separate blogposts. Please spend some time to check them once published 😉

Lawang Sewu (Thousand Doors in Javanese)

Day 1

o7.3o AM, the train was on punctual. My friend bought us Nasi Gudeg for breakfast from t Gambir train station. Hot steamed rice with boiled egg, chicken opor and gudeg. Yumm!! Arrived at Semarangtawang around 2.30 PM. We were hungry as a lion. Stopped by at Mang Doel Noemani stall to have Bihun Godog Djowo and some skewers. After recharged we headed to visit Lawang Sewu. 10min becak (rickshaw) ride from our hotel, Amaris. We had to pay 10k IDR each for the ticket. And another 30k IDR for the guide. Well, I suggested you to get the guide. It’s no place to play you-know-it-all. Worth to visit, especially if you keen to know about historical buildings. Before 5 PM, we got a taxi to visit Sam Poo Kong. It’s a temple. We can only sightsee at the front yard with 3k IDR each. If you are not Budhist and planning to pray, you are not allowed to enter the temple. We came a bit earlier we might get some costume photos there for 60k IDR. Fortunately, the stall had already closed. Before dark, we were already heading to Pusat Jajanan Malam Semawis. It’s a night market that opens only on weekends. We had clam with petis sambal and bakso tahu soup with double glasses of cold tea. We went around to see various food there, mostly chinese cuisine then we took becak to Paragon Mall. A Mall within walking distance to our hotel. We had midnight movie there (Trespass).

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning. Yeah… that bloody body alarm! Had a Hotel breakfast at 8AM. Then, we slept again. Hehehe… don’t complain, it’s a holiday! We left our room around 10AM to visit Pagoda Avalokitesvara (Dewi Kwan I’m). I think it is some kind of a vihara. Quite far actually, we had to pay around 70k IDR for the taxi for return ride. We browsed through some culinary tips in Semarang and we stopped at Asam-asam Koh Liem. Ordered Asam-asam, of course, and ayam goreng mentega. Superb! I love that place!! From there we spent some time strolling some local shops. People said accessories made in Semarang gold are nice. I think we visited around 30 stalls there. They were too many! After we had a shower, we decided to get Body massage. At first we were planning to have Hot Stones Massage at Graha Spa but my friend felt cheated that we have to get the 2.5h massage and that we have to pay for the stones. So we left that place to get a cheaper one, Nania. Home beauty salon, I must say. Their professionalism is just ok. But we had an excellent body massage for 40k IDR only! 😀 Satisfied, we got another becak to Toko Oen to get some dinner.

A blanket of cold mountain breeze

A mountain view room









Day 3

Enjoyed another Hotel breakfast. This time the menu was nicer. *wink* Another morning nap and then we packed everything up. It was a very hot day. I grabbed iced spearmint tea from starbucks and got fried rice from Mang Doel Noemani (take away). After that, we dined in at Ayam Bakar Taliwang. Taliwang Roast Chicken and Plecing Kangkung, they are just my taste. When we’re done, we got a taxi to Umbul Sidomukti. It is resort at Ungaran mountain. It was cold at night but we got the best room. When you plan to stay in this resort make sure you book for Room A. It has the best mountain view. We were so lucky to get this room. Thanks Umbul! For dinner, we had a delivery order from Pondok Lesehan Ikan Bakar Umbul Sidomukti. It was actually quite nice. But it was almost frozen. 😦

Day 4
Breakfast in our room, it was Soto! Do you know what it is? Soto is nice, as long as you make sure it’s served hot. Planned to get an ATV ride, but alas! They were on their maintenance schedule. What a disappointment. So, remember not to go there on Wednesday. Asked the resort for a ride to our next stop, Susan’s Spa, for 50k IDR per 2 persons. On our way there, we bought durian. Hehehe… We sat on gazebo there and enjoyed the durians. yumm!! After that, we had spa, of course! 😉 We were so lucky to get Spa on The Sky Room! After refreshed ourselves, we headed to Pandan Restaurant for dinner.

Day 5
Since we were the only guest in the resort, we had to order our breakfast. Not bad, but not a hotel quality. My friend went swimming and enjoying jacuzzi while I preffered Mountain Breeze Foot Reflexy. We strolled around the resort to take some photos before we ordered a taxi to fetch us back to the city. We stopped by at Pelangi Cake Shop at Jalan Singosari. They had these famous cheese chiffon cake, very soft and cheesy! I also tried their choco-vanila ice cream. Yum! Their ice cream cakes were also a desire but of course they would be melted before we reach Jakarta. We also stopped by at Bandeng Presto shop to buy oleh-oleh before we had lunch at IBC. Finally, we were on our way back to Jakarta.



Overall, I think Semarang is a nice city to visit. It’s a bit difficult, though, to go around. Taxi is available, but of course if you travel on budget it will be a problem. Food are fantastic! It’s just so happen that I am a beach person that made this trip is not super gorgeous to me. Hehehe… But of course, it will differ from every person.

Enjoy your holiday and have a blessed Christmas everyone!!! 🙂

Written by Vallaura

December 16, 2011 at 3:32 PM

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