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Vallaura Awards

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To commemorate the passing year, I, instead of making New Year resolution, made this list which I named Vallaura Awards, simply to remind myself those marvelous things, places or people throughout the passing year and hopefully the coming year as well.

Since I am new to this, let’s start with things that I like the most:

Best Book: ….err, I just realized that I haven’t finish any of my books. But I did finished reading Wimpy Kid Series… does it count?

Best Gadget: On January 2011 I bought macbook and on December 2011 I bought EOS 550D. I would like to shout EOS as the best gadget but I realized that it will be because it’s still brand new. And it will be not fair for my macbook who has accompanied me throughout the year and not be nominated. ….after careful thought. Macbook is the winner! 🙂

Best Movies: …um, since I really really love movies so, I put them under some categories, just like what The Oscar does. hehehe…

Best Book-Adapted Movie: None other… Breaking Dawn Part I (yeah, sorry Harry Potter, next time, please don’t break The Elder Wand!)

Best Action Movies: Fast Five! No competitors. No hesitation. No doubt! oh, well, Uncle Cruise should be happy that he can still get money from his movie. But don’t expect to overtake FastFive in my soul.

Best Pirate/Adventure Movie: Pirates of The Caribbean! Ok, this might sound unfair, to put pirate genre by itself. My defense? Google it. You can really find that there is, Pirate Genre hence Best Pirate Movie.

Best Comedy: Jack and Jill. Definitely! Especially with a touch of surprise in the middle of the movie. Perfecto! Sorry Tin-Tin, Rio, Kung Fu Panda 2, you are not funny enough to outrun Jack and Jill.

Best Musical: Burlesque! Actually, I cannot put aside NINE, but it was two years ago if I’m not mistaken. So, It’s Burlesque time to shine.

Best Mystery/Thriller: Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.

Best Drama: The King’s Speech

Okay..enough about movie. Let’s move on to other stuffs.

Best Gift Received: of course, my blue reebok Yoga Mat! Given for my birthday by Ria and Prisca. Thanks girls 🙂

Best New-Tasted Food: Ahh… this is difficult. I tried so much food this year. Nasi Bakar Rempah Kedai  Bunda, Asem-asem Koh Liem and Nasi Buketan Bunga Rampai are the top 3. But If I am to mention the best among those three, then it will be Asem-asem Koh Liem, Semarang.

Best Adventure: Jakarta Hitching Race 2011 with Rheden and Jil!! Super WOW. And we got the second place. What a great adventure it was!

Best Place Traveled: Gili Trawangan, Lombok.

How about some abstract things?

Best decision: Actually, this year, I made a lot of-surprisingly-good decisions. Forgave best friend, took a month off from Fitness First, and tried some crazy stuffs. But the best decision of all is joining Young Adult Core Team Group at JICF. Yeah.. that was the best decision of all.

Worst thing happened: Reported to my superintended about what-she-thought-to-be my misconduct at workplace which is not true. I was called by my vice principal to clear things up. Which of course tore my heart into pieces because I am a very melancholy person. Anyway…

Most memorable event: Met Mart De Han. I cried when I saw him. Gosh. How could there be human like him?

Now, let’s move on to some human being… hihihihi… 😉

Most Influential Man: DAN FENNELL.

Most Charming Guy: Ming He. Oops. I hope he is not reading this. But If he does, well, take it as a compliment man, because you are! 😀


I guess this Award can go on.. and on… and on! So I better keep it down now. And let you guys share your own.

BTW, Happy NEW YEAR!!!

“May the sparkle of hope ignites our deepest soul that we can be the best of ourselves to enjoy the fullness of God gracious gift, Life. Bon Voyage! “

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