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Going back to work after four weeks holiday is a very ankle-twisting thing to do. Well, in fact, I did get a twisted ankle during my first week of work. Guess, it is true what they said, starting well is not necessary ending well. And if I look at the in between, boy, how thing never happens as we intend it to be.

This past week…

My dietary program did not run smoothly but it was not a total failure as well. I blamed on my twisted ankle. I argued to myself that I needed more energy to get a fast recovery hence I should set aside my dietary program. After couple of days, I argued back to myself… what a lame excuse. Next week should be better. I should feel hungry.

My fitness program fell into pieces. Geez, Len! My first day back hitting the gym was worse than I thought it would be. Even my favorite instructor classes could not drag my lazy feet there. On Monday, I raised “First Day of Work” excuse. On Tuesday, I pointed “It’s raining”. Finally, I got my ankle twisted on Wednesday. And  of course that gave a solid reason to not going to the gym on Thursday and Friday.

My reading program crashed in a dust bin. I only manage to read one page for this whole week. O-n-e PAGE! Can you believe that. I forgave myself to forget taking the book back from my office to my den. After reading one page, I managed to take it home. But I did not touch it at all. Where have my fond of reading gone?

’nuff said I guess.

Things that were well planned does not guarantee  they will be well executed.

But I’m not giving up. Never. Next week will be another try, another shoot.

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January 13, 2012 at 9:15 PM

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