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I envy you…

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Don’t you know that?

Why did you upload so many pictures of your new born beautiful and charming baby every minute, dear friend? You used to be so hostile to facebook. You never upload any of your pictures before. You said people were too mesmerized by facebook and all its apps. You said, I was too mesmerized by facebook. But look at you now. There is no day when I log in to facebook that I don’t see the photo of your baby. Not that I complain, though. I was just thinking, about some of my friends who are waiting patiently for the gift of baby in their lives, yet never comes. How would they feel when they log in to their facebook? Not that you did something wrong. No. Not at all. I just… we just… envy you.

Why did you check in to those famous stunning places every time you go there, dear friend? You are a type who never touch facebook before. But now, when you are so classy and hip, you checked in whenever you show your nose there. Here and there with photos glimpsing on your wall, so much changes, eh? I bet you are so happy that now you want the whole world know your position and activities. You never do that before. Aren’t other places as cool as those places? You are not wrong. Of course. But, it just crossed my mind that you want to show off. Or I just envy you.

Why did you have to post status like that, dear friend? They are great achievements and I am so happy for you. But knowing that you never post any status before, tickled me to think that you want the universe admit that you are great. And you are. No doubt. You went to one place that I long to be. And in no time, you will be in this one other place that I always dream of. I am happy for you. Truly. But inevitably reading your statuses, I was just hurt as I was not as successful as you. And I envy you.

Why did you…

ah, never mind.

I just envy you. 

Written by vallaura

January 24, 2012 at 9:10 PM

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