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Don’t misunderstood God, please…

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It was just a regular Maths class, my second graders class. As I was about to put my things on the teacher’s desk, I noticed there was a splash of water on it. Before I even questioned about it, a boy who was sitting right in front of the teacher’s desk blabbered me a story involving some girls and fighting. I shook my head. Kids, as always, exaggerated things.

I called out the main character of this story, Zoey. She is an independent and mature girl for her age. She explained how Ashleen (another character) asked her something (I already forgot all about the details of this story) that accidentally made her dropped her water bottle, the source of the splash. Ah! So not important, I thought. Then I said to her plainly stating that no matter how and who or why, it was her water bottle that caused a puddle of water on the teacher’s desk. I asked her to decide how to solve this problem. I offered her some possible solutions, tissue or permission to call the janitor. Interestingly enough, she used her own small towel to wipe the water.

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January 28, 2012 at 5:19 PM

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