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Don’t misunderstood God, please…

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It was just a regular Maths class, my second graders class. As I was about to put my things on the teacher’s desk, I noticed there was a splash of water on it. Before I even questioned about it, a boy who was sitting right in front of the teacher’s desk blabbered me a story involving some girls and fighting. I shook my head. Kids, as always, exaggerated things.

I called out the main character of this story, Zoey. She is an independent and mature girl for her age. She explained how Ashleen (another character) asked her something (I already forgot all about the details of this story) that accidentally made her dropped her water bottle, the source of the splash. Ah! So not important, I thought. Then I said to her plainly stating that no matter how and who or why, it was her water bottle that caused a puddle of water on the teacher’s desk. I asked her to decide how to solve this problem. I offered her some possible solutions, tissue or permission to call the janitor. Interestingly enough, she used her own small towel to wipe the water.

As she was doing something with the mess. I examined the broken or misplaced cap of the water bottle. It was tilted and water dropped from it. Thing that is not in proper place will cause some troubles. I nodded. My mind wandered. Instinctively, I tried to fix it. A common reaction when someone noticed something improper happen. But I failed to do something about it. Strange, I thought. And I decided to seriously fix it. I secured all my things on the other side of the desk that was not wet. I did not realize that the boy who was all along sitting in front of my desk kept observing my action until I heard his voice loud and clear.

“You can do it, Ms. Lenti!” was his first sentence that caught me off guard. Oh, I had an audience. I shifted my head to him and gave a smirk. I ignored him as my two hands tried to twist and fixed the cap of the water bottle. It still did not work. I frowned. I had to make decision whether I should keep on trying or give up and start teaching. Until another Ethan’s sentence put me in horror.

“By the name of the Power of God. God please give power to Ms. Lenti so she can open the water bottle!”

My mind was in a pin drop silent state. Oh Ethan, please don’t misunderstood God… And I decided to start teaching. Teaching them about the power of God. I said calmly to Ethan, a boy raised by a good Christian family. Ethan… my voice was clear in my mind, as if I was talking to my self, or maybe I did? Ethan, do you think, If cannot open this cap, I don’t have the power of God?

Ethan stared blank. And nervously denied that fact, whether he understood or he was afraid of me, I was not sure. No, Miss, he answered my question. And he puzzled himself and put himself in a mock of his friends. I silenced the class and talked to the entire class. The power of God… I started preaching… is not used to open a cap of water bottle. It is so much bigger than that. It is used to heal people, to help human… and shouts interrupted my sentence… to calm the storm, to raise the dead. As the list go on, I stunned.

I was in my own deep thought.

I just received a horrible news that I was not accepted in a scholarship program. I was devastated… am devastated. I almost sure that God will give this one to me. I expect this is my turn. And I, perhaps in a pinch, started questioning God. Oh, Lenti, please don’t misunderstood God. I sighed.

And whispered to my self. There is no room for me to misunderstood my God.

And then I started to teach mathematics.

Written by Vallaura

January 28, 2012 at 5:19 PM

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  1. Lenti, hugs!!



    January 29, 2012 at 1:44 PM

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