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a zest of life.

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They said there are three stages in life; when you are about to enter trial, when you just get out of trial or when you are in trial. Boy, that really made life easy. *smirk*

I don’t know in what stage of life I’m now. What I know, in whichever stage I’m in, I should just snip everything and  take a zap to live. And in one of those occasions, you can always find me nesting in my favorite hideouts.

This January, or most precisely this year, I intend to start it right. Years back have shown that life can be ugly sometimes–most of the time. And realizing that I have no single clue about what lies ahead I start this year by having a feast of soul quenching holiday.

So I went to my most favorite place, Lombok. This time, I took the time to enjoy seclusion and quietness of private beaches.

This was my first time visiting Lombok and its beaches at rainy season. In your country, this might be a time to visit mountains and play ski. Oh well, I guessed I took a hell of a risk to go there. And Lombok seemed slightly different then it used to be. Big and thick clouds were constantly hanging on the sky that used to be blue. And upon our arrival, dark night and heavy rain welcomed us. As if Lombok has lost its warmth. Somewhere between those cold feeling I thanked God that we have booked a good place to cover our head.

Novotel Lombok was our first destination. The craft crews were also heading there. Apparently it is said that Novotel is the only starred hotel in the area. Yeah, Lombok new international airport (BIL) is located quite far from the town. But this area is famous for its naked beaches and heaven for surfer, Kuta Lombok. I’ve been here twice and have never seen it in a complete darkness as such now. It’s amazing and at the same time terrifying to know what darkness can do to such beautiful place, or, beautiful self.

I had to admit. Of all beautiful praises of Novotel Lombok, it failed to impress me. Maybe because of the rain. Maybe because of the absence of welcome drinks. Maybe because of our tiredness. Maybe because of the lack of smile from the front desk men. Or maybe because it is not as good as what the praises said.

Thankfully, we had a great second day.

JeevaKlui. The Jeeva of Klui beach. Jeeva is Jiwa in Bahasa or Soul in English. While Klui is a beach north of Sengigi beach in the west coast of Lombok island. So, it literally means the soul of klui beach. It  is a new, small and perfect boutique hotel. I was very impressed with their service. Maybe because I have never stay at boutique hotel before that I feel so special staying in this place. Umm.. but my travel companion whom travel here and there also agreed with me. So, this place must be good.

It was still raining, even at the best place in this world. But not entirely, thankfully. I can still read Dan Brown’s Deception Point while enjoying turquoise sun beds. I can still soak my foot in salty water even though it was not blue as it usually is. I can still enjoy sea breeze with pina colada on my hands 🙂

On top of that, they have study room where we can borrow dvd of our choice. They provide DVD player in each room, of course! Or .. simply read books in the study room or play game! A telescope is also placed there. Just in case some bright stars peep in the sky. And me, I choose to try their IMac and log in to harvest my crops, CastleVille crops if you know what I am saying.

It was a perfect experience. And I love it so much. Of course, all good things should come to an end. That’s why they are good. We left for Gili Trawangan the next day. We spent two days at Vila Ombak there  and had a thrill of adventure. We had a zest of life.

And now I am ready for whatever lies ahead. May God be with me, and you.



All photos are taken at Jeevaklui. Personal collection.

Written by vallaura

February 4, 2012 at 10:42 AM

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