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He is busy.

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It is not a secret that I am a fan of Mr. John Doe. Who’s John Doe? Well, you might not know him. He is no Whitney Houston, by the way, may she rests in peace. amen. he is just a speaker in my church. I address him as the church’s pastor. But he always introduces himself as a Bible Teacher.

As far as I know, and that is not further than the sanctuary, he is somewhat like spiritual superintendent, if there’s such term, in an international school in Indonesia. He comes from the city of a thousand church. I promise myself, one day I will visit that city to do headcount of the churches there. In one fine day, so they called, he stepped in to the church teaching and started to share the Bible insights.

Let’s just skip the part on how I became a regular attendee of this church. And forget that I call myself as regular attendee and not a church member. ….skipping…. 

As much as I love John Doe and this church. There are times where I cannot come to the church. Holiday season is one of the reasons. I am thrilled to notice that on December break, John Doe and his family will go back to their hometown. Which simply means that I will not miss his sermons. Interestingly last Dec break, I spotted him among congregation. And that upset me, to be honest. There’s a raging feeling inside me that almost forced me to shove him to the pulpit and demanded him to speak. I did not do that, of course. I haven’t lose my mind, yet. But of course, I was expecting him to be on the pulpit in one of those days. Empty hope.

What furious me even more was, when his January schedule released, it clashed with my CNY holiday. Darn. Why is it so difficult to get a great sermon? So, I patiently waited for the IT people of the church to upload his sermon online. I checked and it was not there. I checked again, and it was still not there. So I dropped by to the welcome table and asked him, the IT guy. What the heck are you doing man? Is it so friggin’ difficult to upload one sermon on the website?! I smiled at him and informed him that I cannot get the new sermon recording from the website. He explained that the website was under maintenance, but he assured me, that within a week, I can get the sermon there. You better be right! I said thank you.

When those sorta things was happening. I was also regularly checking schedule of the speakers. And to my horror, I did not see any John Doe’s name written there for the entire coming February. What the.. ? That was unusual, unexpected and upsetting. Where the heck is he?

So, today, I came earlier and visited the welcome table. Mr. IT, or Pak IT in Indonesian dialect, was there getting ready for everything. I took a glass of water and asked him on the existence of John Doe.

“He is busy.”

I beg you pardon. Sorry? Then he said it again. This time with a look on my eyes, making sure that I was aware that he was talking to me, of course, I was aware. There was nobody else there. “He is busy.” pause “You know, he has a lot of things to do?” Dammit. I know what busy means. This is a surprise look on my face, not a stupid look. … or was it? I stared at him.

He cannot be busy. What kind of reason is that? I will accept if he is away. Maybe, extended holiday, back to his hometown. Perhaps, family matter there? I mean, anything but busy. He might go to his Jerusalem or Turkey trip. Touring the Minor Asia and sorta things. But he cannot be busy. I mean… get out of here. 

I was seriously troubled by the fact that John Doe is busy and unable to speak in church. I miss him. But more to that, I need a heavy meal. His sermons are always heavy not happy meal to me. I know one day, there will be time, where he will not be able to speak in church permanently. But that should not because he is busy.

Then it stroke me. Gasp! Thank God, God is never busy. Anytime I need him, I can call upon him. Anytime I miss him, I can shout in a prayer. Anytime, anywhere, anything. He is never busy for me, and you. Thank God, he is patient. Thank God, he is merciful. Ah… thank God.

hmm… even though John Doe is not around to preach. He is still preaching by his business. I hope he will be available soon… and I will be one more time in awe of God’s words through his insights.

Happy Sunday all. Thank God, God is God.

Written by vallaura

February 12, 2012 at 9:48 PM

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  1. Nice post. Really really true Len.
    Back then, we had Mark the Canadian (did you have a chance to meet him?). You can almost felt choked tears (mine as well) as we send him and his family away for good. Yet,God was and is still faithful to his bride.
    Nice insight there.
    Ps. For the membership part, has a section for that. =)
    Ps2. Me miss mr.DF too.



    March 7, 2012 at 6:14 PM

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me, girl !! I guess you were out of your head when you wrote this one. It is clear you go to church for all the wrong reason ! This article make me sick ! You are comparing your adoration to Jesus with your INFATUATION to a MAN ! GeT HeLP !! Bikin Jelek Reputasi orang bergereja !



    May 7, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    • Dear Ovi, I am so sorry if my post made you sick. I guess I was out of my head when I wrote this. And yes, clearly I need help. WOuld you help me? Again, I am so sorry. I hope you don’t feel offended. Thank you for reading my post and writing a comment.



      May 7, 2013 at 7:22 PM

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