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Book Log of 2012

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The year of come back – in reading. 

Earlier this year, I wrote a posting, Vallaura Awards. One of its awards was given to the best book I’ve read in 2011. To my surprise, I realized that I hadn’t read so many book in that year. Shame on me! So, to prevent wasting of my valuable time of chances in getting wonderful knowledge from books, I decided to keep record of this year books.

What better way to restart a lost hobby besides reading a good Dan Brown’s sci-fi novel. So to start the counting, I sank in Deception Point. Not as enchanting as The Da Vinci code or Angels and Demons of course, but it surely did the trick. My desires to read had arose. Good job Dan Brown! And thanks to my dear friend, Fany who lent me the book which tragically torn apart by my puppy. heheheehe…

I did start it well. But it didn’t mean that it will stay on course. So, carefully I chose another novel. This time to play save, I chose novel that were recommended by friends. They were in Bahasa, my native language, 5 cm and Manusia Setengah Salmon. The first one was okay. But the later one which was recommended as a funny book almost killed my willingness to read. Sorry to say. Maybe I should have not expect something great from those books. But, I thanked Ribka for lending me the first book and Junita for the latter one.

Anyway, the progress was nice. It only took me 2 months to complete those 4 books. I had to keep this up. So, I humored myself by reading children’s books. My choice fell on 36 Clues: Medusa Plot. Hey! It was a great book. It somehow had slight resemblances with Dan Brown’s books. Going to Colosseum. Finding new things of a thousand year old building.  Adventure. Enemy. Winning. And those sorta things. It had slower plot in the beginning of the story. But through the middle and all the way to the end, it was a fun of its own. Good book. Thanks Amanda to bring this book up to the surface. Another kiddy book that I read was Big Nate and Friends. I spotted this book when my kids and I were having our silent reading. Neville, one of my students, innocently showed me this book which was full with crappy words. I don’t know how the Americans teach their youngster a good language and behavior if they keep on giving awards to book like such. Not that I did not enjoy reading it though.

My best accomplishment, so far, was finishing  Who Calls Me Beautiful. Man oh man! *giving huge pat on my back* What a relief to be able to finish a book that has been hanging for a year or so. It was a actually a good book. But for a rebellious me. I don’t buy much of what it said. Reading a page of Proverb 31 would do for me. A friend of mine gave me this book. As I read the title I remember I stared at him. Implicitly saying, is there any implied message of this giving. But he just said that it was a good book and he wanted me to read it. So, I started reading this book that finally, finished. You should read it, you know. I am serious. Go get it. There you’ll find a true beauty, and she is you. Thanks Brother Dwi for gifting this book for me.

As per today, I am still on track with my reading plan. But glancing at the book shelves is still terrifying me. There are too many books still wrapped nicely in their plastic covers, just too many. Anyway, let’s sink deeper to more books. 🙂

“Take time to read, it is the foundation of wisdom.”

Written by vallaura

March 17, 2012 at 1:15 PM

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