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Red Wine

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It was my first time drinking red wine. I had been holding my curiosity on wine for quite some time. It was not because wine was hard to get. But, it would be because its skyrocketing price. So, I always said to myself that beer would do. Until…

I visited my brother’s house. It was Christmas time and holiday season, for me in particularly. so, I decided  to spend a night at my brother’s home. When the kids were down on the bed. We were talking and he shared his collection of wine. Ah, to my surprise, I had been waiting to taste a glass of wine.

I usually don’t drink alcohol. I only drink cold beer when things are out of control and I need to slow down my mind. I might sip on some vodka mix when I am getting crazy and I need to shut all my mind. Alcohol drinks have that effect to me. I also don’t go to the night club. I like loud music but too loud is just nerve breaking for me. So, basically I am just a good person. Hahahaha… 😀

Well, those Pina collada, Dry Martini, Blue Margarita are just friends during holiday. Just incase you notice me with them.

So, I never tasted wine before. What an opportunity to quench my thirsting desire on wine! My sis in law just left me with those bottle as I said I would stay a little longer with the internet. So, I grabbed  glass and chose the red and poured a bit. Finally!

One big sip. And I could feel it, flowing through my throat spreading the warm sensation all the way until it rested on my tummy and gave even warmer feeling. I glanced on the glass and thought.. man, just a sip. what a sensation! hahaha... I just realized that I didn’t pour so much wine. It was only at the base of the glass. I sighed. I finished up the glass slowly while my mind wandered. I could see my life scenes flashed before my eyes. Then, I noticed that I was tipsy. I did not go to the mirror to see whether my cheeks blushed, but I could feel the warmth all through my face. Yeah… hahaha… I liked it. That was my first time and I bet it would not be the last. Bottom up!

Written by Vallaura

March 23, 2012 at 10:48 PM

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  1. the first time red got some sour and enough what was my experience but i like it the most after that.



    March 31, 2012 at 9:30 PM

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