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There is hope

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even in the most least expected places.

if you are someone who keeps updating yourself with news, you must have known that in my country, Indonesia, there has been massive riots concerning to the plan to increase the fuel price. Actually the demonstrations had been starting since last Monday. But then it got escalated to Friday, the peak, where our parliement were having some adhering to decide this issue.

I am not going to talk about it, actually. In some sense, I am not really politically knowledgable. I just have to say actually we are essentially a demonstrant in our own way. We just have different “skin”. Take for example, while they were having this demo in front of the parliement building, some people were also having their own in Facebook and Twitter. I really hate to admit this, but really, what you write, what you expresss, how you write and how you express determine who you are. That’s a hard swallow for me too. Because I also refuse to be judge only why my few sentences. It’s just not fair. But then I just realized that it is the truth, like it or not.

It was painful for me to read some of those facebook statuses and tweets. I was utterly shocked on how people think. Not that I am a good thinker of course.  It’s not about agree or disagree. Seriously, it was about how you think and how on earth you came out with those ridiculous ideas and how “seriously” uneducated your language was. And to know the fact my facebook friends are at least diploma holders, it was seriously devastating facts.

There is no hope for my country. At least not in my lifetime. Hopefully, there is hope in my children’s time. Until…

Yesterday, on my way to PIM, on an intersection, I met this guy, not directly, unfortunately who gave me hope. It was red light and all stopped. Unless you were turning left which was allowed. More motorbikes were going forward nearest to the zebra cross which was the line where we should stop. Too many motorbikes were there that they wre blocking the way to turn left. And this guy, driving Grand Livina, stopped thereon  my side. I was on my motorbike which was not blocking. hehehe… I glanced at him counting seconds in my heart t the time he started honking, that was I thought. I saw him. Looking straight to the traffic light and to the motorbike riders. And he didn’t honk his horn.  I cannot believe it. I waited. It was almost 30sec. Then the driver behind him strated honking. It wasn’t him!

On the rest of my trip that day, I kept thinking. That guy just showed a quality that most of us didnot have, patience, manner,  character. And for that someone, I am sure that there is hope. My role as a teacher, is to build new generation of that kind. And therefore I just make sure that there will be hope for my children and grandchildren.

Happy Sunday. Be grateful for our job tomorrow. Make it counts!

Written by vallaura

April 1, 2012 at 10:04 PM

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