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When strangers are better than friends

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Yesterday, we were strangers.

Today, we are strange friends!

I am missing my friends. A HEAP! …I am missing one, in particular. I miss squandering time talking nonsense and filling the air with laughters. I miss making stupid and reckless decisions running away from reality. I miss sharing happiness and sadness with you as you share your happiness and sadness with me. I miss us, sharing our dreams and dreaming together. I guess growing up cost a lot. And it costs you. That is when strangers are better than friends.

I have no other option. I wish I had. I have fun without you. I go for adventures and leave you behind. I choose for strangers than friends. I choose strangers than you. I am not even sure now whether you are my friend and they are strangers. How could they be strangers when I shared laughters and stories with them. And how could you be my friend when we don’t communicate, at all.

I wish it was the other way around. 

Well, these strangers on the photos were people whom I met during my last backpacking trip to Pangandaran Beach. I joined this trip without knowing any of them. I knew the trip organizer from Facebook. Some of them are Couch Surfers. And that was it. I considered myself without any friends. And that strangers will do. And actually, they do. And hopefully, they will always do. We had fun. And that needed no prior knowledge of each other’s past and stories. But I wish you were one of them. We had fun. And that will do.

Photos are courtesy of Dany Rus, one of the strangers.

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